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Dallas Stars Troll "Maple Leaf Fan" Justin Bieber with Mugshot

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The shenanigans in the second period were going on in the Maple Leaf end of the ice, and on the scoreboard, too.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars are trying hard to rebuild and make themselves over on the ice.

Off the ice, however, they've been delivering gems with regularity. Manti Te'o's girlfriend in the empty seat. "OUR #9 has delivered a championship" in response to some snark from the Dallas Cowboys. And now this.

Apparently Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami this morning for, what I can only assume, is being an idiot and often wearing Miami Heat garb. The Stars dug up some photos of him in Toronto Maple Leaf apparel, establishing him as "Leafs Fan", then followed it up with this for a laugh...

And then for good measure the Twitter account had some fun as well...

Also this.

It seems everyone in the franchise, from top to bottom, has upper their game here tonight with owner Tom Gaglardi in town.

Funny stuff, guys.

Those four goals in the second period were pretty enjoyable as well.