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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Welcome Maple Leafs for their Annual Visit

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In which the Maple Leafs of today shoot more than the Maple Leafs of yesterday but still less than the rest of the league, the Stars, over a one game sample size, are unbeatable, and stats get all fancy...

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

The Maple Leafs were the poster boys for the anti-fancy stats movement. Flying high through the lockout-shortened 2013 season, and then continuing where they left off this season. And then a couple months ago it finally caught up to them and it looked like balance was being restored. Only, six games ago they started winning again. And haven't stopped.

The Stars are on the opposite end of that fancy stats argument, having been a much better team Corsi- and Fenwick-wise than their record, or goals-for/goals-against totals, would suggest. And then a couple of months ago Dallas finally seemed to turn a corner, putting together an impressive series of wins while continuing to play a fast possession game. And then 2014 happened and the wheels came off.

To break all those stats claims down, Dallas are ranked 7th in the entire league in close-game 5v5 possession metrics, with a 52.2% Corsi, and 52.8% Fenwick score. Wait! If you're bored to death by fancy stats, all I'm saying is Dallas would appear to control the puck 52% even-strength play when the score is within one, and yet score only 50.4% of the goals in those situations, good for 14th in the league.

Meanwhile the Maple Leafs sit at 29th in the league in possession numbers, holding the puck for only about 42% of the time in close-game 5v5 situations. Their goals percentage though? 50.4%. Yep. The Leafs slide in one spot ahead of the Stars in the goals scored department.

All this to say that, if one considers that possession of the puck should ultimately translate to goals scored, then regression for these two teams means very different things.

Tonight though? Expect the Stars to outshoot the Maple Leafs. After that it's anyone's guess.

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