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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Click on All Levels Against the Wild

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In which everything goes right for once, the Western Conference, save Vancouver and Dallas, gets dominated, and an NHL flash mob takes over an outdoor rink in New York...

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Tom Pennington

So last night was a good night to be a Stars fan, but a bad night to be a fan of a top Western Conference team. It was the night of the giant killers, as Winnipeg beat Anaheim, New Jersey thrashed St Louis, Columbus topped LA, and Toronto beat Colorado. Only Vancouver bucked the trend, but they were playing Edmonton so it doesn't count.

Perhaps the most notable of all of those though was the Winnipeg performance, for it was the first time in 23 home games this season that the Ducks lost in regulation. The first time!

Now if the Stars could just start a streak like that...

* * *

Feeling great after last night? Good. You should. Relive it here. [Stars Inside Edge] [Sports Day DFW] []

After two 'healthy' scratches, Valeri Nichushkin was back in the line up, and back on the top line, last night. [Sports Day DFW]

Tuesdays are good in that they're not Mondays, and also that they bring us Mike Heika's weekly chat on the Stars. [Sports Day DFW]

So the confusing thing about fighting to me is the supposed momentum swing. Who gets it? I'd have said the fight between Antoine Roussel and Kevin Klein was a push, but the claim here is that Nashville took all the momentum from it. How does that work? [The Tennessean]

Yesterday we had the Puck Daddy take on the Daryl Katz letter to Oilers fans. Today we have the response from one of those Oilers fans. [Copper & Blue]

'What We Learned' this past week in the world of NHL hockey. Mainly that the Flyers have goaltending issues. Or issues with goaltenders rather. [Puck Daddy]

And lastly, NHL flash mobs should really be a thing. A group of retired NHL players participated in a match against some youth hockey players at a park in New York. Oh, and Boomer Esiason played, because of course he did. [Puck Daddy]