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GIF: Dallas Stars' Razor Reaugh Caught in Pre-Game Smoke on NBCSN

Like the Dallas Stars' offense lately, Razor disappeared from view quite comically before this one.

Tom Pennington

Things aren't very fun in Dallas Stars land these days, what with that "lost nine of ten" streak an all. Luckily Razor Reaugh is here to entertain and delight, even when he's not doing the broadcast with Ralph, who is with Craig Ludwig tonight on the radio side.

NBC Sports went to Razor for a chat with Dave Strader (the best play-by-play man NBCSN has, btw) during the Stars' pre-game ritual, including, as this glorious GIF reveals, smoke exuding from the Star that descends from the rafters.

Thanks to Defending Big D's own Pat Iversen via


Ever the consummate professional, but all you can do is laugh in that situation. Funny stuff.

Meanwhile the Dallas Stars continue to pile up the lion's share of the chances in this one with nary a goal to show for it as the Wild once again manage to survive rather undeservedly. Let's hope Razor didn't provide the most enjoyable moment of the night already.