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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Vancouver Coach John Tortorella Takes an Enforced Break from Hockey

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In which the Stars set their sights on a record-breaking January, John Tortorella won't be starting any fights for a couple of weeks, and somebody, somewhere, needs to start rolling tide...

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

So this might be shorter than my typical Daily Links posts. I just wrote the game recap though! What more do you want from me?


I've figured it out though. What the Stars really need is for Lindy Ruff to get himself fined. The Colorado Avalanche, the team that everyone wrote off before the season, are continuing to overachieve, albeit at not as great a pace, with Patrick Roy behind the bench. And the Vancouver Canucks, a team that I wrote off before the season, are still staring haughtily down at the other teams attempting to grab a wild card spot, with John Tortorella leading the way. Of course, Torts will be missing from the Vancouver bench for a couple of weeks now, but he made his statement. And sure, you could say the Canucks are playing terribly right now (see here, here, and here), but Tortorella sure knows how to distract from that.

So go on Lindy. Throw down your gloves, or break a stick, or fling yourself against a plexiglass barricade, or lead a forlorn hope in an assault on the enemy dressing room. It'll feel good, and it will distract us. And we all need a little distraction.

P.S. I don't really want the Stars involved in anything that would get hockey called a minor sport. Again.

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It's another review-preview day. Or recap-precap day, which I like better, even though it has fewer real words. [Stars Inside Edge] [Sports Day DFW] []

And the precaps. Second leg of a home-and-home series against the Wild, except for the Stars it's the third leg. [Stars Inside Edge] [Sports Day DFW] []

Remember last week I included a link to a French site with an interview of Antoine Roussel from earlier this year? Well there's now an English version of the same interview. We live to serve. [Baller Life]

This week our friend Obscene Alex had the great idea to start a "loser's crown' for Conference III. Kind of the opposite of a championship belt. Stars are the first winners of it. I blame you Alex. [III Communication]

The Canucks are feeling a bit like nobody likes them. Probably because nobody likes them. [Nucks Misconduct]

The Stars have taken 16,749 shots on goal over the last 7 years. Plus 35 after last night. That's not a fancy stat, but it's a stat. And I'm not sure what it's supposed to tell us, but that's a lot of shots. [Copper and Blue]

So as you can imagine, there was a lot of talk on the internet yesterday about Richard Sherman's post-game interview following the Seahawks victory over the 49ers. And the talk carried over into NHL forums. Does the NHL need more personalities like that? Personally, I think having Patrick Roy and John Tortorella is enough and we can dispense with the painfully egotistical players. [On the Forecheck]

Unsurprisingly, Down Goes Brown's 'Weekend Review' is led off with an article on Tortorella and the Canucks-Flames brawl. In case you can't get enough. [Grantland]

And lastly, hang in there Stars fans during this tough stretch. At least we're not the Oilers. [Puck Daddy]