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Dallas Stars Daily Links: So, About That Losing Streak...

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Bowties are cool.

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Ronald Martinez

I've got to be honest -- the longer the Stars continue their losing ways, the more difficult it is to come up with a headlines and teasers that don't say the exact same things.

And after losing eight of the last nine, what else is there to say?  We've covered the "it's not so bad" angle. We've done the "okay, this really needs to stop" angle too.  Heck, we've even quoted Shakespeare and Star Trek in order to change things up. (Since a Star Trek quote worked the day of the Stars' last win, I decided to try and go one step nerdier.  What do you think?)

Still, there are games that need to be played.  And there's no denying that the outlook on the season certainly feels bleak at this point.  After all, if a team is struggling to be a playoff team when doing their best, only getting 3 out of 18 possible points is not a great confidence booster.

Something is going to have to change, though, as this season continues on.  The Stars certainly can't continue this trend for much longer, especially when there's no tangible explanation for it.

Perhaps it will change beginning tonight?  Maybe visiting Nashville is just what the Doctor ordered.

  • Preparing your mind for tonight's game?  Better read up on these game previews. [Stars Inside Edge] [Dallas News]
  • The Sunday practice update from Mike Heika suggests that Nichushkin might get another rest tonight. [Dallas News] The Stars are also ready to end this streak of theirs. [Dallas News]
  • Why is it that whenever the Stars have photos taken of them on road trips, it always seems to be during a set of losing streaks? [Dallas Stars]
  • While depressing to go back and read about another loss, the observations are always worth it. [Dallas News]
  • Okay refs, how do you screw up THIS bad?  I know you make mistakes from time to time, but geez... [Puck Daddy]
  • Apparently, the Winnipeg Jets are just now realizing that they are cheering for the Atlanta Thrashers.  And, despite how hard they might try, it could be a while before they fully recover from Atlanta's mistakes. [Sports Illustrated]
  • If a visiting team starts their "goon squad" for the opening faceoff, do you A) Start your top line so you can have the tactical advantage? B) Start your 2nd line players so you can have the tactical advantage? or C) Start your own personal goon squad so there can be a full line brawl two seconds into the game, and then try to break into the visiting team locker room during intermission in order to yell at them for what you helped create?  Okay, I know we all chose "A" or "B," but guess which one John Tortorella chose? [ESPN]
  • Was the lockout all worth it, one year later? Scott Burnside seems to think so.  But will it really stop a lockout from happening when this CBA expires in a few more years?  I seriously doubt it. [ESPN]
  • If you're wondering what Ilya Kovalchuk has been up to these days, you can find out here.  Grantland articles are always worth the read. [Grantland]
  • I know that most of the media attention will be on the outdoor games in New York.  After all, I'm sure it was totally by mistake that the NHL gave the U.S.'s (U.S.'? You-esses?) largest market two outdoor games in the same arena at the same time.  Personally, I am way more fascinated by this one -- the outdoor game in California. [NHL]
  • Finally, you'll never guess who was chosen as captain for team Canada. I'll give you a hint: Its Sidney Crosby.  Oops. Wait. I don't think that's how hints are supposed to go. [Globe And Mail]