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Dallas Stars Daily Links: A Wintry Winter Classic

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In which snow shovels outnumber hockey sticks at the Winter Classic, the Leafs defy a fancy stats empire, and as the Habs come to town, the Stars look to start the Year of the Benn the way they ended the Year of the Whitney...

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Yesterday's Winter Classic was somewhat of a conundrum. Perfectly imperfect, yet perhaps that's what made it great. We were given the glorious spectacle of an Original Six matchup in front of the largest ever crowd for a hockey game, but it was also 105,000 people huddled together in the stands for warmth as a team of crack snow shoveling experts spent nearly as much time on the ice as did the players of the Red Wings and Maple Leafs. Some of the most skilled players in the world... losing the puck as they skated through a snowdrift. The headgear of Jonathan Bernier and Mike Babcock showing us true hockey style. Breakaways and odd-man rushes slowed down to a pedestrian pace. The commentator, Mike 'Doc' Emrick, shouting with the excitement of a child anytime a puck vaguely approached the net. A goaltenders duel as Bernier continued the Leafs tradition of shutting the door on a vast number of opportunities, and Howard coming up big when he was occasionally tested. Frozen water bottles, and melting ice next to the heated benches. Whistles midway through the third period and overtime to swap ends for the wind. And lastly, a shootout, because what better way to give the fans their money's worth than flipping a coin to decide a winner?

But at the end of the day, whatever anyone thought of the Winter Classic, nothing else could have given us images as great as these.

And in Stars news, in case you missed it, there was an hour there on New Year's Eve where Dallas was tied in points with the Phoenix Coyotes for 8th place in the Western Conference. Then the Edmonton Oilers coughed up a two goal lead, giving up the tying goal with a minute left, and lost the game with seconds left in overtime. Thanks a lot Edmonton. Thanks for nothing.

But even if the Stars once more find themselves in 9th place heading into tonight's contest, the point is that they are firmly in the race. And perhaps more importantly, teams like Minnesota, Colorado, and Phoenix have all been slipping in the standings, while Dallas has been climbing. Halfway mark of the season arrives Saturday. Color me stoked for the second half.

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