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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Win Over the Oilers Puts the Stars on the Board for 2014

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In which the Stars are never going to lose another game again, the vocabulary of hockey is defined, and a long forgotten goalie gets traded for himself...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Take a moment. Savor this. The Stars have now won a game in 2014, and it was only the seventh time this year that they faced a team they should have beaten.

Who'd have thought it would be a Western Conference foe that would return the Stars to the win column, after that 'cushy' set of six games in a row against Eastern Conference teams? I don't know what to think about the Stars anymore. Everything's gone topsy-turvy. But at least last night, against a team Dallas should on no account lose to, Dallas didn't lose. Not even when they had a two goal lead.

Of course, it was the Oilers, so you could call that extenuating circumstances.

No not that Shawn Horcoff.

But there you have it. I have no further analysis. Everything is rosy in Big D. How could it not be? The Stars are on a one game winning streak. On to the links...

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Recaps you'll actually want to read. You know, because they're about the Stars winning. [Stars Inside Edge] [] [CBS Sports]

Post-game quotes. [Sports Day DFW]

And post-game notes. [Stars Inside Edge]

Luke Gazdic spent years hoping to play at American Airlines Center, and last night he finally did. For the opposition. [Sports Day DFW]

Remember how upset we all were during the Stars losing streak? That was nothing. You wanna see a real jaded fan, look no further. [Copper & Blue]

Down Goes Brown with a second installment of forgotten blockbuster NHL trades. I know that doesn't sound like a thrilling read, but it's DGB, so it is. [Grantland]

A lot of talk recently about the Stars' own Valeri Nichushkin, but here's an in-depth look at one of the other rising stars in the league. Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche. [Yahoo Sports]

So I must admit my ignorance. While I knew of Hobey Baker, I didn't know his story. And it's quite a story. The reason of course that it's relevant, is because Stars' prospect Devin Shore is one of this year's nominees for the Hobey Baker Memorial Award. Voting can be found here.

This guy's crazy, but I'm still jealous. [Montreal Gazette]

And lastly, this is amazing. I don't know how I'd never come across the Grantland Dictionary series, but I have discovered it now, and my world is a better place for it. [Grantland]