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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Host the Oilers Looking for Their First Win in 2014

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In which the Stars try once more to end a losing streak, Steve Ott gets ejected from a ceremonial faceoff, and I really hope the hockey gods are planning a freak snowstorm in LA for the Stadium Series...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Whoever came up with the idea of the Year of the Benn should be banned from the internet. Talk about a jinx. Six games into the New Year and Jamie Benn and the Stars have yet to earn a point in 2014.

Somebody get me a picture of an Ice Girl.

Or in lieu of that, read this article by Mike Heika. It's not gonna make you feel great, and he admits that straight away, but he does offer a perspective on fandom that's worth thinking about, if not wholly embracing. In talking about a Red Wings fan - I'm sorry, I have no idea why Mike Heika is friends with a Red Wings supporter, but there you have it - he shows that perspective: "My friend in Michigan still hates Valtteri Filppula [after the trade for Stephen Weiss], but he realizes now he could do worse. That's a very flimsy life saver to toss you on a day like today, but it's the best I've got."

Substitute the name of Goligoski, or Daley, or Fiddler, or whoever the bandwagon goat happens to be at the moment for Filppula and you have the viewpoint of many Stars fans. But then, we love to critique when things are going awry.

That said, Goligoski, and Daley, and Fiddler, and whoever the bandwagon goat happens to be at the moment had better kick it up a gear tonight against the Oilers, or else...

On another note, anyone out there looking for an omen? The Jets were on a five-game losing streak and ended it last night by routing the Coyotes. If that doesn't give you hope...

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I love a good preview day. Here they are, lined up for your viewing pleasure. [Stars Inside Edge] [CBS Sports] []

The Stars are slumping. Know who else might be said to be slumping? Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin. [Sports Day DFW]

Whenever things are going badly, it always helps to curse about it. Unproductive, but it sure feels good. Obscene Alex weighing in on the [tempest of merde] that was the Stars' week, as well as other happenings around Conference III. [III Communication]

Now, the timing of this may seem like it, but I am in no way advocating looking ahead to next season's draft. But looking ahead to next season's draft... []

The NHL website is joining all the cool kids and writing an article on Valeri Nichushkin. []

So the LA Kings had ten straight minutes of powerplay time against the Canucks last night. Ten! Including a 5 on 3 for a minute, and they still failed to score. In LA no less. Man what an awful home powerplay! Lol. [Pass It to Bulis]

Nothing screams NHL hockey more than beach volleyball. Oh, and roller hockey. [Puck Daddy]

If you want to feel a tiny bit better about Sunday's loss to the New York Islanders, I have it on good authority that they're the hottest team in the East. No really, it says it right here: "The New York Islanders are the hottest team in the Eastern Conference right now." Of course, that's partially because of two wins against the Stars in the last week, but still.

Oh look! The Stars made Down Goes Brown's weekend roundup! He says very nice things about them too, which, given the context, I feel is very generous. [Grantland]

I know you've just read an entire article focusing primarily on the Dallas Stars. So if you're depressed right now I get it. But there's no way anyone can watch this and not have a smile on their face. So watch it. [Puck Daddy]