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Video: Valeri Nichushkin Highlight Reel Goal, Stars Beat Avs 5-1

These young kids and their goal scoring...

Best friends...?
Best friends...?
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike the intrepid and progressive Colorado Avalanche, who chose to post no video of the Stars' win at Pepsi Center Tuesday, our friends in the organization worked tirelessly (Hey, Cody) to get the moving pictures up on their site as soon as possible.

Behold Chiasson's two goals, the second of which elicits some grins. Behold Nichushkin's latest display of raw talent, Erik Cole's pretty shot, and Alex Goligoski's rocket from the blue line.

The video may not show it as well as being there live did, but Kari Lehtonen's two pad stack in the second period really got the crowd (and press box) going.

Post game quotes from Lindy Ruff, courtesy Stars PR:Stars Head Coach Lindy Ruff:

On Erik Cole and Alex Chiasson's play in tonight's game:

"Both guys were good. Erik probably gave us his best game of the preseason and Chiasson was close behind it so it was nice to see. I thought Erik really skated well and was probably in on four or five good opportunities."

On the team's defense tonight:

"We gave up a dozen or so shots on penalty killing, but 5-on-5 I thought we did a pretty nice job. There were a couple of kills and a couple of shifts where we got caught and we just stayed inside and weathered the storm, but other than that it was a good showing."

On Kari Lehtonen's play tonight:

"He made a couple big saves at the right time. There wasn't a lot of action and you worry about a goaltender that doesn't get a lot of action. He was there when we needed him."

On using this game as an evaluation for the season ahead:

"I think they got a good handle of how we want to play and you know that's important - we've got a big week ahead of us. So tonight was a good game to look at and take film from and just hammer home the small areas of the game."