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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Opportunity Knocks for Jamie Oleksiak

'Better to be 6-7 than 5-7,' Antoine Roussel a hidden gem, and a very crowded penalty box in the Leafs/Sabres pre-season game

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It could be his opportunity.

With both Aaron Rome and Trevor Daley currently out of the line up, this may be a real chance for Jamie Oleksiak. Not too long ago, the Dallas Stars defensive corps had six virtual locks, with players like Jordie Benn, Kevin Connauton, and Oleksiak on the outside looking in. Now however, there could be a situation where all three open the season on the Stars roster, rather than fighting between themselves for the spot as the 7th defenseman.

Oleksiak has seen a lot of minutes so far during the pre-season, including playing in back-to-back games on Friday and Saturday. Lindy Ruff had this to say about the heavy workload:

"The reason we're playing him so much is to see if he can maintain a high level of play through the preseason. We need him to be a real hard defender, a real hard guy to play against. We know he has offense, but we want him to become a player who other teams hate to play against. That could take some time, and the decision is whether that time is best spent here [in the NHL] or if it's playing 25 minutes a game [in the AHL]." [Sports Day DFW]

He dominated in the AHL last year, with a brief baptism in the NHL, now it may be time to see if he can find consistent success on the bigger stage.

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Antoine Roussel getting a little more well-deserved attention. [Sports Day DFW]

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Big season coming up for Radek Faksa, the once highly touted prospect for whom expectations have been scaled back a bit. [Sports Day DFW]

Everybody can breathe easy once more. Toby Petersen and Francis Wathier both cleared waivers and will be joining the Texas Stars. Phew.

Brenden Morrow, maybe not homeless for too much longer? [St. Louis Today]

One of the more significant rule changes this season could be the restrictions on goaltender equipment. Thoughts here on what is different and the effect it may have. [USA Today]

An article here on the 'business' of naming a captain. With great power... [The Globe and Mail]

I know, I know. We can't get away from it. Fighting in the NHL. So there was an article on Puck Daddy a couple days ago, sermonizing on the senselessness of fighting. And then THIS happened. But seriously, watch it all. Especially starting at 2:50. And then if you have a half hour to spare, you can read the penalty summary. Biggest takeaway? Apparently you don't get a 2 minute minor for removing your helmet if you're a goalkeeper. Good to know.