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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Oh Captain, My Captain

Been feeling adrift these last few months? Leaderless? Lost at sea and in need of guidance? Fret not, our fearful trip is done.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We've all been anxiously waiting and debating and wondering about this announcement, and now that it's here, maybe it wasn't such a hard decision after all. In a radio interview yesterday, Lindy Ruff had this to say about naming Jamie Benn captain of the Dallas Stars:

"I think for Jamie and his career and how he's grown and the type of leadership we have around him, it was an easy decision... I'll share this story. After our first preseason game, I hadn't even put the lineup together for Game 2 but Jamie hadn't liked his game and went to one of the [other] coaches and said, ‘Does the coach have me for next game?' They said, ‘Why?' He said, ‘Well, I want to play. I didn't like the way I played.' For me that was another sign that this kid is ready." [Sports Day DFW]

Additionally, Stephane Robidas and Ray Whitney were named alternate captains for the upcoming season. Whitney spoke of the leadership that Benn already provides. "I think you saw that [Wednesday] night. He wasn't happy with how he played the first game, and you could tell he wanted to prove himself. He was by far the best player on the ice, and that's what this organization is going to need."

Very true. So carpe diem, Jamie. Carpe diem.


Captain now, and he also heads a list of players primed to have a breakout season. Arguably, he's already broken out, but whatever. [Sports Net]

Tempered optimism? That's not what the pre-season is about! Tim Cowlishaw writes about reining in expectations for the Stars this season. [Sports Day DFW]

A write up on the competition at training camp between those prospects hoping to crack the opening night roster. [The Hockey Writers]

And speaking of prospects, imagine you're following a Texas Stars game this season against the, say, Rockford IceHogs, and you have no idea where Rockford is, nor which NHL team the IceHogs might possibly be affiliated with... Well. This handy list should help. [100 Degree Hockey]

Yes! Who called it? Took about two days for a loophole on the new fighting rules to be exploited. [Puck Daddy]

Oilers say to hell with cap space and sign Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to a 7 year deal. []

I'm not entirely sure why I stumbled across this link, but the North Stars get a nod, alongside the Houston Colt 45's and Boston Beaneaters, for coolest former team names. [Stack]

The Russians are after global hegemony again. Naturally that starts with Finland. [The Hockey Writers]

And I'm not sure if this is admirable, or just plain crazy. A writer for the Leafs here on SB Nation tracked possession stats the old-fashioned way. By re-watching the first 24 games of last season with a stop watch in either hand. He sums it up for all you stat-heads out there, relating it to Corsi and Fenwick numbers. It relates quite well apparently. Fancy that. [Pension Plan Puppets]