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Preseason Game 2 Thread: Panthers Come Calling

The Stars host the Panthers tonight in their second preseason game. Won't you join us to discuss the events?

Jim Rogash

Maybe you can even tell us what happens if you're in the arena. This game has no known TV or Radio coverage in Miami or Dallas. We're all flying blind tonight.

Kari Lehtonen will be in net for the Stars. The Stars will have a few extra veteran defenders in the lineup to help him out. The Stars young players look to continue carving out roster spots for themselves under Lindy Ruff against a young developing team.

Of note tonight is that the Stars are going to debut their new road jerseys at home. In their opener they wore the beautiful greens for the fans. Tonight the also not too shabby whites will be skated for the first time. We have seen them enough to get a feel for what they look like, but seeing them on the ice will be nice.

The puck drops at 7:30 in downtown Dallas. Most of you can't see what is happening. We can't see what is happening. None of us can hear what is happening. We can all discuss what is happening though even if we for the most part have second hand accounts from beat writers. Here's hoping Mike, Mark, Ralph, and maybe Bob Sturm (if he's there tonight) bring the goods so we actually have something to discuss.

So join us. These are always fun when we can see the game. Who knows what will happen when we're all winging it and guessing how the events we will see described on Twitter look?