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2013 Dallas Stars Season In Review: Save Of The Year

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As we close the door on the 2013 season, we look at the great plays of the year. Today, we look at the best goaltender stops of the season and ask you to pick the save of the year.

Ronald Martinez

The lockout sure knows how to mess up a plan, doesn't it? The season felt like it had just ended when we started talking draft and free agency. Then Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill remade the roster in a span of a few days with some big trades and acquisitions. It's been a bit of a whirlwind since the end of the season. Now that the proverbial dust has settled and we hit the duldroms of the hot summer days of August, we take a look back at the season and close out what was by picking the plays of the shortened season. Today, we look at the saves of the year. Friday we'll look at everyone's favorite -- goals of the year. You can see the hit of the year here.

The save of the year this season may be more or less a contest for "second best save of the year." We all know that the save that had Lehtonen and the Dallas Stars trend on Twitter and end up on ESPN Sports Center is going to win this in overwhelming fashion. However, goaltenders are fun to watch at work, so we put together the best saves of the year here anyway. Keep calm and Kari on, Stars fans.

What is your save of the year?

January 22, 2013 vs Detroit Red Wings - Lehtonen with a sliding glove save on Brunner

January 24, 2013 vs Chicago Blackhawks - Lehtonen stops a 2-on-1 chance

January 28, 2013 vs Columbus Blue Jackets - Lehtonen behind-the-back glove save

January 29, 2013 vs Detroit Red Wings - Lehtonen with a kick save on Datsuyk

February 8, 2013 vs Anaheim Ducks - Lehtonen steals a Selanne goal

February 23, 2013 vs San Jose sharks - Nilstorp puts the stops on Couture

February 28, 2013 vs Edmonton Oilers - Nugent-Hopkins stoned on Lehtonen's doorstop

March 3, 2013 vs St Louis Blues - Lehtonen denies Oshie

March 14, 2013 vs Anaheim Ducks - Snappy glove save by Lehtonen

March 23, 2013 vs Colorado Avalanche - Sitting on the puck works to stop it, too!

April 3, 2013 vs Anaheim Ducks - Lehtonen with a sprawling save

April 21, 2013 vs Los Angeles Kings - Lehtonen gets an assist to make this OT save