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2013 Dallas Stars Season In Review: Hit Of The Year

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As we close the door on the 2013 season, we look at the great plays of the year. Today, we look at the best hits of the season and ask you to pick the hit of the year.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The lockout sure knows how to mess up a plan, doesn't it? The season felt like it had just ended when we started talking draft and free agency. Then Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill remade the roster in a span of a few days with some big trades and acquisitions. It's been a bit of a whirlwind since the end of the season. Now that the proverbial dust has settled and we hit the duldroms of the hot summer days of August, we take a look back at the season and close out what was by picking the plays of the shortened season. Today, we look at the hits of the year. Wednesday we'll review the saves of the year, and then Friday we'll look at everyone's favorite -- goals of the year.

Let's dive right in to the video evidence. Be sure to vote for your favorite hit in the poll!

January 20, 2013 vs Minnesota Wild - Goligoski takes down Clutterbuck

January 24, 2013 vs Chicago Blackhawks - Eakin rams Mayers

February 8, 2013 vs Anaheim Ducks - Dillon takes out Winnik

February 13, 2013 vs Calgary Flames - Nystrom runs over Glencross

February 15, 2013 vs Vancouver Canucks - Garbutt belts Burrows

March 18, 2013 vs Calgary Flames - Fiddler stands up Smith

March 20, 2013 vs Colorado Avalanche - Dillon hits Landeskog

March 25, 2013 vs Minnesota Wild - Robidas buries Bouchard

March 29, 2013 vs Minnesota Wild - Robidas doesn't allow Heatley by

March 29, 2013 vs Minnesota Wild - Nystrom eliminates Falk

March 31, 2013 vs Los Angeles Kings - Daley upends Richardson

April 23, 2013 vs San Jose Sharks - Cole with a big hit on Gomez