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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Ruff Turns to Claude Julien on Tyler Seguin

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The final links post before the other side of Labor Day, where things should really pick up as September ushers in the hockey season.

Jonathan Daniel

Dallas Stars players are returning to the metroplex in bunches to skate on Frisco ice but new Stars head coach Lindy Ruff has been busy elsewhere with Team Canada. Ruff had an opportunity to query fellow assistant coach Claude Julien on all things Tyler Seguin as a result.

Ruff said he asked Julien several questions about Seguin, most geared toward what type of player he is and can be.

"It was about his move back to the middle of the ice, why he went to right wing," Ruff told "How he handled him. Where does he think he can be best utilized? They're all questions a coach would ask another coach." []

One wonders what the exact content of such a conversation would be like. For now it would seem there's not much choice on how to use him, as he needs to be a significant cog here, if not the most significant if the franchise is turn around. On to the links...


Bovada says odds are the Stars will finish fourth in the new Central division behind the Hawks, Wild and Blues, and likely out of the playoff picture as well. [DMN]

Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey registration is now open. I'm sure a number of others are as well or will be soon. If someone wants to organize a Defending Big D league or two, take to the Fanposts and shoot me an email and we'll promote it in one way or another. [Yahoo!]

Which is the more appropriate sentiment? Relief that Andrew Brunette is no longer playing hockey and cannot be the "Star-Killer" going forward that we all know and hate, or fear that his appointment as Minnesota Wild power play consultant will allow him to somehow continue doing it in another fashion? [Star Tribune]

Tomas Kaberle is nearing a deal with a KHL team. It makes me ponder what Brenden Morrow will be doing come October. [Puck Daddy]

Todd is back with Thursday Morning Cupcheck and he performs the roast of Mike Modano. And it is cruel. [Pegasus News]

The Royal Half combs Ebay for old hockey memorabilia in its cheesy glory, including some pretty interesting sheets and bed spreads that could be yours. [The Royal Half]

Mr. Stepneski has an update on Aaron Rome and Patrik Nemeth, who is now healthy and hopeful of playing more than the mere half season he manages with the Texas Stars last season. Meaningful, rapid growth on his part this year could arm Jim Nill at the trade deadline in one way or the other. [Inside Edge]

You can't go to a store and buy a new Dallas Stars jersey yet, but you an order a wrist watch with the new logo and colors on it. So there's that. ["" <-- You can't make this stuff up]