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Help Wanted: Defending Big D Is Hiring

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We're looking for dedicated Dallas Stars fans for an important position on the DBD writing staff.

Ronald Martinez

[Editor's Note: Applications are no longer being accepted. We were overwhelmed by the response and thank everyone for their interest in the position!]

The 2013 Dallas Stars season is just around the corner and we're gearing up for another big year for us here at Defending Big D, and I'm incredibly excited about what the year ahead has in store. The lockout is over and well behind us, and the Stars are starting fresh on a new journey with about as close to a franchise reset as you'll ever see in sports. We're constantly looking for ways to improve our coverage of the team and better ways to present that coverage to our readers, and part of the involves always looking to continue to build our writing staff here at DBD.

As part of that, we're looking to make an addition to the team here at DBD.

For those of you who have been reading DBD for a good while now, you know that during the season (and periodically during the offseason) we have a very popular daily feature that is basically a run down of all the news links pertaining to the Dallas Stars. These posts run daily during the season and are a great way to expose our readers to all the resources available on the web and generally is one of the most visited posts of the day.

We are looking for a dedicated Dallas Stars fan and DBD reader who would be interested in taking over the Daily Links feature, a great opportunity for someone who is looking to write about the Stars and hockey and provide an invaluable service to the DBD community.

The job will entail collecting links pertaining to the Stars and stories from around the hockey world and publishing a Daily Links post for most days during the season, with some flexibility certainly allowed and expected. Here are some very important aspects of this position to keep in mind if you are interested:

  • Daily Links posts are generally published at 6 a.m. CT each day -- so any interested persons would likely need to be a night owl, or early riser (or better yet, on the West Coast).
  • Each post would also include a short op-ed pertaining to the top story of the day, so some advanced writing skill and hockey knowledge is certainly required.
  • Links posts generally do not take more than 30 or so minutes to complete, if done smartly.
  • This is a great opportunity to get into writing about the Dallas Stars and will almost certainly lead to an expanded role with DBD in the future. (Brad, Erin and Trevor -- all now feature writers -- started off as Links correspondents)
  • This is a labor of love, for those that are 100% dedicated to the sport and the Dallas Stars.
  • The process of finding a new contributor will include a "tryout" for each interested candidate.
If you are interested, please send an email to with a brief rundown of why you feel are best suited for the job. Even if you aren't ultimately selected, we generally return to the list of candidates when any future openings come available.