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Dallas Stars Deny Wrongdoing in Evgeni Malkin Tampering Report

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Dallas Stars GM Jim Nill says reports of tampering are completely untrue.


The Dallas Stars did not tamper with Evgeni Malkin and the Pittsburgh Penguins, GM Jim Nill told media Tuesday afternoon.

Hockey news on August 13th generally being limited to dates of ticket sales and what someone did with the Stanley Cup, this supposition, delivered by Malkin's family, received heavy play but never appeared rooted in reality. At no point has Malkin not been under contract, under the Penguin's control, or even appearing close to being free.

Brandon discussed the unlikelihood earlier today here.

Mike Heika reports that the NHL would likely only investigate formally if the supposed aggrieved party believed there was a violation, and no such investigation appears on-going.

Translation: The Penguins don't think anything of all of this. So we'll go back to the August malaise, counting days until training camp. (Less than a month now...)

Jim Nill's statement, issued via Starsinsideedge and Mike Heika at the Dallas Morning News...

"We have seen the reports that have surfaced out of Russia claiming that we have tampered and they are completely untrue. The Dallas Stars organization respects and adheres to all rules and regulations set forth by the National Hockey League and any report that claims otherwise is false."