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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Loui Eriksson's "Easy" Decision to Leave

The former Dallas Star says that the differences between the organizations made it easy for him to waive his no trade clause and accept the trade.

Bruce Bennett

It's the kind of thing that fans hate to hear. A beloved former player praising their new employer, and possibly dropping a few negative comments about their former. Some fans may take Loui Eriksson's comments the wrong way, but I'm hoping the well-informed fans will simply take them for what they are, instead of a slap in the face.

When the Stars approached Eriksson about waiving his no-trade clause to be moved to Boston, it didn't take much thought or discussion for him to decide it was a good move. After-all, he'd be leaving a team that hasn't made the playoffs since 2008, for a team that has been to the Stanley Cup Finals twice in that time frame.

It apparently wasn't just the success of the Bruins (or lack of success by the Stars) that led to his decision, but also the Stars constantly revolving door of front office staff and linemates for the humble Swede. The Boston Globe goes more in-depth into his decision making process, as we at Defending Big D wish nothing but the best in the future for Loui. [Boston Globe]

Jim Nill is hoping to end the turbulent era of instability inside this organization, and rebuild the image of the Stars as a franchise that players are excited to be traded TO, rather than from. Apparently a large part of that strategy involves bringing in a healthy portion of friends from the Detroit Red Wings organization, and following their model for success. There are certainly worse teams to emulate. [Dallas Morning News]

Nill has already begun the face-lift of the Dallas Stars, by acquiring young, talented, elite hockey players that will be part of the organizational core for years to come. Perhaps the most excited member of the mainstream media about these changes is Bob Sturm, who recently wrote a glowing article for Fox Sports. The man speaks a lot of truth here. It's an exciting time to be a Dallas Stars fan. [Fox Southwest]

Valeri Nichushkin may very well be the centerpiece of the new-found elite talent in the Stars organization. A player that very well could have gone in the top three selections of the draft, miraculously finding his way all the way down at #10, where he was graciously selected by the Dallas Stars... the team he wanted to play for. Anthony Vence of Yahoo! Sports says he is the kid that will get the Dallas Stars back into the playoffs. [Yahoo!]

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of Big Val at yesterday's development camp went home disappointed, as he missed the day with a sore ankle. It's nothing to be concerned about, and was mostly due to him wearing someone else's skates while he waited for his to make their way from Russia to Texas. [Inside Edge]

The Dallas Stars only other notable Russian prospect, Dmitry Sinitsyn, is thrilled at the idea of joining the WHL's Regina Pats, and finally getting regular playing time, which has been the main roadblock to his development so far. Regina's Leader-Post wrote a piece on the young defenseman, saying the Pats are just as excited to have him. [Leader-Post]

Another of the stand-outs from the Stars development camp thus far has been Jason Dickinson, who was taken with the 29th overall selection in the first round of last month's draft. This camp is a lot less about x's and o's, and a lot more about building good habits to become successful professional hockey players. Dickinson is a unique case where he is learning not only to eat healthy, but also to eat more and pack on some weight. [Fox Sports]

Elsewhere around the league, it looks like the Colorado Avalanche are parting ways with long-time loyal soldier Milan Hejduk. It's going to be very strange to see him suit up in anything other than burgundy and blue, but I suppose if Mike Modano can be a Detroit Red Wing, anything is possible. [Too Many Men on the Site]

It's that time of year again, where we all debate who is and isn't worthy of being selected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Is this the year that one-time Dallas Star Eric Lindros finally makes the cut? I for one certainly think he deserves it. No one has ever dominated the game like he did at his peak. [CBC]

Former Edmonton Oilers villain Georges Laraque is looking to officially make the jump into politics. The always vocal tough-guy is running for office on the Green Party ticket in Montreal. [Star Phoenix]

Today's video highlights one of the often overlooked new additions to the Dallas Stars, Rich Peverley. Make no mistakes: While he may not have the star power of a Valeri Nichushkin or Tyler Seguin, the man they call "Raptor Jesus" is a darn good hockey player in his own right.