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Report: Dallas Stars Grab Red Wings Director of Amateur Scouting, Joe McDonnell and Scout, Mark Leech

Two long term members of the Detroit Redwings scouting staff have apparently joined the Stars organisation.

I believe Mark Leach is left of draftee, Joe McDonnell far left
I believe Mark Leach is left of draftee, Joe McDonnell far left
Bruce Bennett

It was reported on Saturday afternoon that two key longterm members of the Detroit Red Wings scouting team have followed Jim NIll into joining the Dallas Stars organisation.

The big news is that Joe McDonnell, the Detroit Red Wings Director of Amateur Scouting, has left the Detroit organisation to join the Stars. He has been a scout with the Red Wings since 1995 and the Director of Amateur scouting since 2003. In this way he has been involved in the Red Wings scouting and drafting team since 1995.

The Red Wings have been one of the most consistent playoff team in NHL history and much credit for that is due to their diligence in scouting and development of their young players. The Stars are steadily acquiring important parts of the team that has been successful in Detroit for the past two decades.

Joe McDonnell was also joined by Scout Mark Leach who has been part of the organisation for at least 15 years, since 1998 at the very latest. He is in charge of their scouting of the Eastern Area.

This has been reported by Gare Joyce and also commented upon by Corey Pronman.

This is an interesting move for those who have been wondering what direction the Dallas Stars organisation could head. It seems likely that there will be some changes in the scouting organisation following the influx of former Red Wings scouts. How this will affect how the Stars will draft will have to be seen.

It also raises questions of the structure of the Stars scouting staff. What role will McDonnell play in Dallas? Les Jackson was given a vote of confidence by Nill before the draft so it seems unlikely he would be replaced. He does hold both Assistant GM and Director of Amateur Scouting roles, could he remain as Assistant GM and McDonnell take over scouting? This is still unofficial and there has been no confirmation from the team. This means what their roles in the organisation will be is still unknown.

The story originated with Red Wings GM Ken Holland telling The story can be found here.