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Report: A Dallas Stars Trade For Shawn Horcoff In The Works?

After an already busy day, Jim Nill may not be done making moves. Could he be moving to acquire another center?

Dale MacMillan

UPDATE: It appears as though the trade is for Philip Larsen and a 7th round pick.


The Dallas Stars might not be done on the trade front just yet.

The word from TSN is that the Edmonton Oilers and the Dallas Stars have all but reached a deal to move Shawn Horcoff to Dallas.

It is not yet known what is going back to the Oilers, but it would appear as though there are multiple pieces involved in the trade, much like the Loui Eriksson and Tyler Seguin trade.

Horcoff is/was the captain of the Oilers, providing leadership in the locker room as well as his on ice contributions.

What do you think of this possible acquisition? A good move, or no? Does it depend on what is going back to Edmonton?

We will update this article as it moves along,