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Dallas Stars Daily Links: The NHL and Performance Enhancing Drugs

Larry Brooks claims that the NHL's clean record of performance enhancing drugs is likely legitimate, but that doesn't mean the league is entirely drug free.

Al Bello

Editor's Note: Some technical problems apparently sent this morning's links post into the ether never to return, so I have stepped in as best I can. You've been warned.

All of the talk around sports lately has surrounded performance enhancing drugs, testing for banned substances, and suspensions resulting from said activity. Hockey is one of those sports that has seemingly dodged the bullet, as there have been zero suspensions related to PED's in the NHL since 2004-2005. It's just not an issue that has been tied to hockey and the NHL, but that doesn't mean the NHL is completely void of substance-related issues.

The problem in the NHL, at least lately, has been related to the use of sleeping pills and painkillers. There was recently a death of a current NHL player related to his drug use, and only recently did the NHL and NHLPA come to agreement on a more stringent drug use and testing policy.

Larry Brooks of the NY Post even goes so far to say that the restricted use of painkillers could lead to less fighting moving forward.No doubt overdue, the NHL and NHLPA did address the matter of controlling player access to prescription drugs and sleep aids in crafting new procedures that went into effect at the beginning of last season.

The likelihood is that restricting access to painkillers will do more to eliminate fighting from the game than any on-ice rule initiative the league might ponder. As it becomes less and less possible to dull a heavyweight's senses, the more senseless it will be for heavyweights to drop their gloves.

It's an interesting theory, at least.


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