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New Dallas Stars Jerseys Receive Positive Reviews During NHL Draft

Pundits and media types were quick to praise the Dallas Stars' new look as Valeri Nichushkin and friends donned the new sweaters Sunday night in Newark.

Bruce Bennett

The new Dallas Stars jerseys will "pop" on television, Tom Gaglardi and Jim Lites said at the reveal one month ago. After a couple of local news appearances, their first big test came this Sunday at the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, and they did not fail to garner recognition - Positive and negative.

One thing those of us fortunate enough to be in attendance in June opined was that seeing them in person was a game changer. Several prominent blogger-types agreed and shared.

The guys from Puck Daddy, for example, went out of their way to Tweet their appreciation after getting up close and personal with the jerseys on the draft floor Sunday...

And Mr. Harrison Mooney...

Our friend at Icethetics continues to be a big supporter.

And it really was undeniable in glorious HD. Any time that Dallas jersey was in the picture, no matter how far in the background, it really popped. The details and the logo may flummox some for the foreseeable future but the green is going to be a real stand out as time goes on.

Gaglardi said they played with darker greens but they came up looking black in the TV tests. They got what they wanted in the end and the weekend's festivities were our first good glimpse at it.

The TSN crew unilaterally praises the ever-loving out of the jerseys toward the end of this clip with the pick of Jason Dickinson...

Pierre would go on to mention the jersey's junior team factory of origin. j/k

And if you don't believe them take it from SB's own Travis Hughes who was there on the draft floor. He says the whole hockey media was enamored with them.

Oh, and besides landing Nichushkin in Round 1, it seems that everybody suddenly loves the Stars' new jerseys. The reception was lukewarm when they unveiled them weeks ago, but most of the hockey media -- myself included -- got to see them in the flesh for the first time on Sunday. They look great. [SB Nation]

It just goes to reinforce that once you get a look at one of these in person you're going to come around on it a bit.

As for the rest of the Twitterverse among the rank and file... Well, uhhh.... (I wouldn't read this...)

Rick Galvan ‏@Rick__West 30 Jun
The Dallas stars new logo and jersey = f*ckin ugly!! Lol

Brandyn Pietrantonio ‏@Brandyn_123 30 Jun
Im liking that dallas stars jersey

James ‏@CaptainPeen 30 Jun
Why did Dallas steal a Whalers jersey from 1980 and make it their new jersey?

CJ Van Slyke ‏@CVS521 30 Jun
Wow Dallas' new jersey is pretty

Georgeyy ‏@Kyle_George81 30 Jun
I like dallas' new jersey

DamienZombie ‏@DamienBougie 30 Jun
Carolina's new jerseys, nice ok.. Dallas new jersey, puke on the tv screen.

Despina Panagakis ‏@DezziePana 30 Jun
Dallas jersey<<<<

Phil ‏@de_facto_phil 30 Jun
I like the new Dallas jersey.. hate the logo.

A.H. ‏@ahwahoo2006 30 Jun
Probably in the minority, but I like Dallas' new jersey

Dawson MacMillan ‏@DawsonMac 30 Jun
I love the color of that Dallas Stars jersey.

Raja Dhami ‏@gretzkytokurri 30 Jun
The Dallas Stars jersey looks like the old Hartford Whalers #Studly

sam swift ‏@al_theoctopus 30 Jun
Nice jersey, Dallas... #nhldraft

Quentin Kenny ‏@QuentinKenny 30 Jun
Dallas officially has the ugliest jersey in the NHL.

matthew ‏@mattaltomare_97 30 Jun
Ew dallas' jersey ..

Chris Thornburg ‏@Thrasher715 30 Jun
That is a horrendous jersey, #Dallas.

~Shellie~ ‏@SportsGurl87 30 Jun
Oh God Dallas.....that New Jersey is sooooo gross

Cameron Vansant ‏@Vansantc 30 Jun
That Dallas jersey is sharp

l a u r a ‏@RadicalMeow 30 Jun
that dallas jersey is so ugly

The Toast ‏@toast84 30 Jun
That is one ugly ass jersey Dallas

AJ Reid ‏@ajsleafs 30 Jun
Ugly jersey for Dallas.#nhldraft

Ryan Petty ‏@TieDomiFan 30 Jun
What the hell is the ugly Dallas jersey.

luigi lalli ‏@luigi_lalli 30 Jun
What a rotten Dallas jersey!

Dustin ‏@dustin642 30 Jun
Ok, that Dallas Stars jersey actually looks not that bad

matthew jewson ‏@MatthewJewson8 30 Jun
That Dallas jersey >>>

Sam Gerber ‏@Gerbs76PK 30 Jun
That Dallas jersey tho >>>> #tsn

Gavin William ‏@gavcarey3 30 Jun
Ew dallas and their new logo/jersey

Alex Principato ‏@Princ_ofbelair 30 Jun
Liking the new Dallas Stars logo and jersey

Lyndsie Pacheco ‏@lyndsiepacheco 30 Jun
Get out of here with that ugly ass Dallas jersey #nasty

Andrew Lovelette ‏@ALovelette12 30 Jun
And now Dallas Stars with the worst logo and jersey in hockey now. Mike Modano-executive advisor advisor? What does that mean?

And that was about a random 30 second smattering surrounding the Nichushkin pick. One can only imagine the Predators are getting the same treatment with that violent yellow, and will continue to do so.

The look continues to grow on Stars fans, it seems. The only thing that will really sway the verdict and the out-of-market respect of course, is playoff wins.