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Defending Big D Group Events: Modano Night Plus One More

Here's all of the current information we have on the group parties to the AAC. Make sure to read it all, as limited space is available!

Please Note: Due to an overwhelming response, we can no longer take any reservation requests.

Now that the NHL schedule has finally been released, we can move on to the next step in getting ready for the group events at the AAC that we discussed earlier this summer.

If you need a refresher on everything, you can click here to read the original post.

Here is the quick version though:

As you most likely know, Mike Modano is having his #9 retired on Saturday, March 8th, 2014 against the Minnesota Wild. Thanks to the help of a couple of regular readers here, we were able to secure the deposit needed to reserve a spot to this game.

Obviously, this game is going to be in extremely high demand. As such, we only have 100 seats available to this game.

Would you like to go? Good. Keep reading.

In order for us to guarantee seats to the game, we agreed to attend an additional game sometime in October or November. In order for you to attend Mike Modano night with us, you have to pay for both games at the same time.

The pricing has been finalized, coming down to only $100 per person. That is $50 per seat, per game. For those of you who did not attend last season's get together, we were in sections 120 and 121. We should be in roughly the same spot again for both of these. That's a pretty great deal for any game, let alone Modano night. Another way to look at it -- gate price for our seats on Modano night (assuming there would be any left, which there won't be) are set at $92. That doesn't even include the Ticketmaster fees that we don't have to pay. So, you are essentially paying for Modano night, plus lower level seats to another game for less than $8.

And people complain about hockey ticket prices in Dallas.

Now, as far as the second game, there were a select number of dates for us to choose from in this category. Until now, we weren't sure when exactly they would be. I've received the list, and narrowed it down to three possible games:

  • Saturday, October 26th -- vs. the Winnipeg Jets (6:00 pm start)
  • Friday, November 1st -- vs. the Colorado Avalanche (7:30 pm start)
  • Tuesday, November 26th -- vs. the Anaheim Mighty Ducks (7:00 pm start)

The reason I have the Tuesday game listed is because it is the same week as Thanksgiving, and it might make things easier for some people travelling. However, I am strongly leaning towards the Saturday game against the Jets for several reasons. First, it's a Saturday, and that makes it by far the easiest to get to for all of our out of town readers. Second, the early start time allows for mingling and libations immediately after without a problem. Third, it is a new divisional rival, and why not get a good start at hating them in person early?

I've put a poll below, just fill it out and let me know what you think is best. Even if you have no opinion, go ahead and pick a date you like most.

If you want to go ahead and get on the list for tickets, send me an e-mail at with the following information:

How many people you plan on having attend

Your Defending Big D screen name

We will be limiting tickets to 4 per person, in order to get as many people an opportunity to go as possible. We are also asking for a screen name just to make sure that this is actually Defending Big D readers who attend. I know that not everyone has registered with this site yet, but it's the only fair way that we can think of to do this. The Stars (and specifically D'Ann, our Sales rep) have been incredibly gracious in helping us get these seats. These ticket prices are not an advertised internet sale, and we don't want it to become that. Nor do we want people to scalp them for the highest bidder on StubHub and the like.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an e-mail, and I will be as quick as I can to answer.

Hope to see you there!