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Survey: Where In The World Is Defending Big D?

Dallas Stars fans hail from all over the globe; this is a chance to see just how diverse this incredible fanbase is.

It's meta week here at Defending Big D.

What's become more and more clear as DBD has grown is that Dallas Stars fans are not just located in North Texas. For various reasons, fans of this team hail from all over the globe and it's an example of just how diverse this fanbase has become over the past 20 years.

In our Milestones discussion, it was suggested that perhaps this summer would be a good time to put up a map and let our readers show where they live.

You can find the Google Map here. (Note: The google map can only hold so many markers per page. If you add yourself but don't see it, make sure you check all 3 pages of the map!)

FMJason was good enough to put the map together and share the instructions of how to share your own location on this interactive map:

Click on the link.
Click edit on the left side of the page.

(Editors Note: When you hit edit, do NOT edit the text boxes on the left. This is the map title, not your placemarker!)
Find where they are in the world.
Click on the pin button on the top of the map.
Click on the map where they want to place the pin for where they are.
Then a message box comes up and they can put their DBD name into the Title box.
Then click okay on the message box.
Then go back to the left side of the page, click save and click done.

Bam! Done.

We'll have this map featured prominently on the DBD page for about a week or so, and then we'll publish the full results later this summer.