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NHL Compliance Buyouts Commence (Dallas Stars Daily Links)

The Dallas Stars are not expected to use either of their two afforded compliance buyouts, but up to a dozen teams are. Could Jim Nill take advantage of another team's mismanagement?

Bruce Bennett

2013 NHL Compliance Buyout. It's the term Du Jour right now in hockey circles, and given the non-existent free agent market, many Dallas Stars fans are wondering if there could be any value there as irresponsible teams look to shed salary in the face of the new CBA.

The official buyout window opened just 48 hours after the Blackhawks' Shaw yelled "F$%^IN RIGHT, BOYS!!" into NBC cameras, and now await word just ahead of the draft on Sunday.

Many national (international?) outlets weighed in on the situation Wednesday as the buyout period approached. Bob McKenzie of TSN offers the following list of teams not likely to take advantage of need a buyout:

Ilya Bryzgalov, you know. Dany Briere, you've heard. The names to come may offer intrigue and actual drama to a free agent period that will otherwise be so dried up and boring on July 5th that coverage on TSN isn't even warranted.

As it stands now, spring chickens Brad Richards and Vincent Lecavalier promise the most tantalizing hopes of buyouts right now.

Lecavalier, 33, still has seven years left on his deal, which carries a $7.73 million annual cap hit for Tampa. Richards, also 33, also has seven years left on his deal with the Rangers at a $6.67 million annual cap hit.

The decision that faces both the Rangers and Lightning: If they don't use the compliance buyout provision before the end of July 4, do they risk either player getting injured next season and not be able to buy him out next summer? [ESPN]

What would Richards command on the open market yet again, and would you be willing to pay it if indeed the team is as desperate for centers as we think they could be... ?


  • Hockey's Future, unlike 90% of local outlets who occasionally tackle the subject, quickly identifies defense and centers as positions of needs - major ones - holding this team back. They'll need to continue to address it bit by little bit and the many draft picks in their possession don't hurt. [Hockey's Future]
  • Apparently there's a sports radio station at 105.3 FM in this town (who knew?) and they interviewed Lindy Riff recently: "I think the goaltender (Kari Lehtonen) is at a time in his career where he can throw a team on his back and get you there, but we just have to support him better at some of the other areas on the ice so there are some good pieces." [DMN]
  • Try to get past any moral hang ups you might have on this one, and realize that this is hilarious. There is a direct relationship between large sporting events and the amount of pornography being consumed on the internet. They have graphics and everything. But it isn't "graphic." [Puck Daddy]
  • Jaromir Jagr confirmed he will not be back with the Bruins next season, and his agent confirmed that he does indeed to play in the NHL at least one more year. With the happy memories of his brief time here in Dallas comes the realization that he dictates pace and may not be able to change his ways. Is it worth it to take another spin? We're guessing that won't be in Nill's radar or Jagr's, but... [Twitter, Chris Johnson]
  • The City of Glendale has reportedly expressed interest in losing even more of its money to the Phoenix Coyotes' cause, which is to say, could look at a proprosal to purchase 49% of the team along with a private investor. You wouldn't think anything about this would be stunning at this point, but somehow it still is. [Glendale Star]
  • The NHL has closed a potential loophole, informing teams that if they use a compliance buyout only to turn around and sign the same player to a more affordable deal, the contract will not be considered valid. [NY Post]
  • The impetus for such action may have been the Maple Leafs attempting to trade for the Lecavalier and a draft pick. They'd then presumably buy him out, and Tamp would have moved to attempt a re-sign. The end result would be a purchased draft pick for Toronto and a reduced cap hit for the Lightning. Not going to happen now. [SaultStar]
  • Some teams are able to give their big RFA's deals before the season starts, not costing themselves precious points in the early-going. No, we're not bitter about anything that happened last year, why do you ask? [Puck Daddy]
  • Follow up on that... the Blues have a much more established NHL-caliber roster than Dallas does now, yet have a similar cap situation (more money to spend than they probably will under any circumstances...). There's no reason to think they couldn't aggressively target one of the very, very few desirable UFA's, making it that much less likely Nill can make a [truly impactful] splash.
  • The NHL published the official order for the 2013 Entry Draft, which is another good chance to marvel at the goodness that is 10, 29, 40, and 54. All ours. [Kuklas]