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Music Changes Coming to American Airlines Center: Make Your Voice Heard

The Stars have a new music director for 2013. Let him hear your ideas for improving the game presentation in this thread.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars have hired Michael Gruber (Grubes of 1310 The Ticket fame) as their new music director. He is in the process of putting together music for the upcoming season. He has asked for suggestions via Twitter, and we're going to help out here at Defending Big D. All suggestions will be sent on to him, and all suggestions will be tallied here in this post. Leave them in the comments and the serious suggestions will get added to the text of the post.

He is basically starting from scratch. Anything you would like to suggest is fair game. That includes, but is not limited to, the goal song, the road goal song (thought it appears to be remaining thankfully), in-game music, fights, drops (brief amusing soundbites like Homer Simpson saying "Doh"), and even intermission contests. Basically if you have a suggestion for how to improve the music or fan festivities directly related to the game this is your chance to get your voice heard.

We all complain about various bits of the American Airlines Center presentation from time to time. I know certain aspects (The Whip as the goal song is kryptonite to me) drive me insane. So, let's see what we can do to help Grubes give us the hockey atmosphere we want.

Suggested Songs/Usage

Goal Song Suggestions

Suggested Fight Songs

Suggested Drops/Usage

  • Don't use them at all - hard to hear in the arena
  • Your ideas here

Suggested Intermission Shenanigans

  • Some type of race incorporating local and/or hockey icons like the Texas Rangers legends race
  • Your ideas here

Suggested Commercial Break Entertainment

  • Keep Finnish or gibberish
  • Ginger Ninja segment - kids wearing red wigs and performing martial arts to honor Cody Eakin
  • Father-Son intermission games need to go away

As you send in your suggestions they will be added to the list. Please try to be specific and to the point. This list is going to get long very quickly.