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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Lindy Ruff Near-Hiring Reaction; More Trouble For Coyotes?

Despite the excitement on Thursday stemming from Jim Lites' phraseology, the Dallas Stars do not yet have a head coach. Lindy Ruff has to be considered a strong favorite at this point.

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Greg Fiume

Lindy Ruff will be the next head coach of the Dallas Stars. Or you know, maybe he won't. Whatever. Yesterday was another lesson in Twitter and the internet and the desire to be first getting the best of everyone's sanity. When the diligence known as "journalism" was done by the experts the "news" changed, and we just tried to follow along the best that we could.

20 years ago it would have worked itself out before the paper was printed in the morning and no one would have known. Would that have been better? The internet improves the way we experience news and events but sometimes it amounts to nothing more than a lot of 0's and 1's being moved this way and that across the world while things remain the same in the end, plus a little drama.

In this case it's the same in the facts that Ruff is a front-runner and that he had a second interview. We knew that already. But it was a fun day, right?

Of course every time a Stars fan thinks about Lindy Ruff they think about... well, you know. And I don't know why everyone seems so offended. Have you seen the banner hanging in the AAC? It's pretty great.

Anyway, Dave Shoalts at The Globe has an amusing anecdote for a Friday morning...

The goal made Ruff see red for years, and it still doesn't take much to get Sabres fans ranting on the subject. But at some point, Ruff was able to joke about it.

A couple of years ago when referee Bill McCreary retired, your agent tracked him down for a feature on his distinguished career. McCreary was considered the NHL's best referee for many years but like all officials he had a few things he wished he could do over. One of them was not waving off Hull's goal.

Before the story ran, I was at a Sabres-Maple Leafs game so I mentioned McCreary's regret to Ruff. He looked at me deadpan and said, "He's got to let that go." [The Globe]

So look forward to more dry sense of humor content from Ruff. You know, if he's the guy.

Meanwhile in Phoenix it's no joking matter...

Imagine if the Stars hire a coach. And then Dave Tippett becomes available.


Your personal opinions about Ruff aside, Mike Heika says he will be very well respected if he is indeed the man. [DMN]

The Sharks have re-signed the ever-recklessly pesky Raffi Torres to a new three year deal. With Burns as a forward and Torres' offensive touch that goes along with his nastiness the Sharks have added a lot of balance to Thornton, Pavelski, Havlat, Couture, Marleau... pretty salty. Until it washes out in the end. It's someone else's problem now #goodbyePacific [CSN Bay Area]

Puck Daddy on Oduya's beard: "The only way Patrick Kane could get a beard like this is if he passed out at a frat party and someone drew it on his face with a marker." Burn. [Puck Daddy Beard of the Year Watch]

The NHL should release a 2013-2014 schedule in the next two weeks, and they have not yet agreed to send players to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. They probably will, but there could be two schedules in existence now: One with that big gaping hole in the middle of February and one without. [Kuklas Korner]

Compliance buyouts have begun and Danny Briere is among the earliest of victims. It can't be official until 48 hours after the Cup Final, but it's out there. Who else will follow? The Flyers get $6.5M in cap space just like that, instant competitors in an already bare market. [Broad Street Hockey]

Speaking of the Flyers, word is that bidding for Jonathan Bernier out of Los Angeles could be getting expensive - So expensive that the Leafs may have "scared" the Flyers away. Some have said the Stars have expressed interest as well, but we're dubious. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Mike Heika in a talking picture about Lindy Ruff! That's amazing! [Dallas Morning News Video]