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2013 NHL Draft Profile & Scouting Report: Zachary Fucale

Looking at the top goaltender prospect for the 2013 NHL Draft, Zachary Fucale of the Halifax Mooseheads out of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

Richard Wolowicz

Fucale is the top ranked goaltending prospect heading into the 2013 NHL Draft. He's the third of the trio of top prospects that will be drafted out of the Halifax Mooseheads. He back stopped the Halifax Mooseheads to win the Memorial Cup this year. He also helped Canada win the Gold Medal at the Ivan Hlinka Tournament in 2012.

Fucale is a top end goaltender and has had an excellent junior career with over 100 wins in the QMJHL over two seasons. He has been a big part of the Halifax Mooseheads recent dominance in the past two years, though undoubtedly helped by two other top prospects Nathan MacKinnon and Jonathan Drouin (The Halifax Three so to speak).

What is so impressive about Zach Fucale is his work ethic and also his mental coolness. During his time in the juniors he's known to be a workhorse and to work as hard as possible all the time. When he does give up a bad goal he doesn't let it get to him and he gets back into the game straight away. While lots of young, and older, goaltenders might be downhearted by a slipup or a mistake Fucale does just get back into the game. It might be something that I might be overemphasising but it shows a mature mental attitude which is promising in a young prospect.

When it comes to his size Zach Fucale is slightly smaller than the average goaltending prospect at 6"1 176lbs and will probably need to bulk up to reach his potential at the NHL level.

He is a classic butterfly style goaltender who is very athletic. He is one of those goaltenders that does a lot without actually doing a lot. The maximum amount of save percentage at the very least amount of movement. Its an excellent skill and he has been compared to Carey Price, whether that is a good or bad thing is up to each individual.

Its always tough to predict when the top ranked goalies will get picked and Fucale is no exception. He is a prospect that could easily go somewhere in the first round but I wouldn't be surprised to see him get taken in the second round. I don't see him being a player that the Dallas Stars are going to draft but he could be very impressive with whoever selects him.

Season Team Games Played Goals Against Minutes Played Saves GAA SV% Wins Losses OTL SOL SO
Regular Season
2012-2013 Halifax Mooseheads 55 124 3162 1231 2.35 0.909 45 5 2 1 2
2011-2012 Halifax Mooseheads 58 171 3249 1412 3.16 0.892 32 18 2 4 2
Post Season
2012-2013 Halifax Mooseheads 17 35 1042 390 2.02 0.918 16 1 0 0 3
2011-2012 Halifax Mooseheads 17 49 1022 459 2.88 0.904 10 5 2 0 0

Scouting Reports:

Future Considerations:

SCOUTING REPORT: Fucale is a competitive and composed big game netminder. He's ath- letic and controlled in his movements with good footwork. He gets to the first shot and stops it consistently. He moves very fluidly from side-to-side in his crease and comes out to challenge the shooter when the play calls for it. One of the hardest things for a goalie is to go long stretch- es without seeing action in your end of the rink and to remain in the game takes strong focus and mental aptitude and Fucale has both in spades. He's able to track the puck very well as it comes down the wing, while it is distributed around his zone and finds it through traffic around the crease. He has a good blocker and quick glove that he does a good job to keep upright and in position. He continues to work hard to improve his game and is very competitive. Despite playing for a powerhouse team in Halifax, Fucale has had to make his share of game changing saves this season and has come through.

International Scouting Service:

Scouting Report:
Fucale is mature beyond his years; has near perfect technique, great read, rebound control, and is calm and mentally tough. He had an outstanding regular season, finishing with 45 wins and a .909 save percentage in 55 games played. His play at times has not been as stellar in the QMJHL play-offs, he has had a couple average performances by his standards, but has yet to lose with 12 staight wins, including 2 shutouts. Plays like Carey Price.

Last Word On Sports:

Fucale is an athletic, butterfly style goaltender with decent size at 6'01. He is very quick in the net, especially with his legs as he does an excellent job taking away the bottom of the net. Fucale has an excellent glove hand, and flashes the leather regularly to take away the top half of the net. His rebound control is remarkable for a 17 year old draft eligible prospect. This is usually an area that many young goalies need to work on, but Fucale is already approaching the status of a master. He directs pucks into the corners or smothers them, taking away second chance opportunities. Fucale's lateral movement in the crease is superb. He is able to get from post to post very quickly and square himself up to the puck. He covers a lot of ground, but is economical in his movements, rarely going too far or getting himself out of position. Overall, his technique is extremely refined for a 17 year old.