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Alain Vigneault Reportedly No Longer Interested in Dallas Stars Coaching Vacancy

Alain Vigneault has reportedly withdrawn his name from consideration for the head coaching vacancy in Dallas.

Jeff Gross

According to the world famous Bob McKenzie, former Vancouver Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault has removed himself from consideration to be the next coach of the Dallas Stars.

The Rangers were always going to be a more desirable option than the Stars simply because of prestige. They have been a better team over the past half of a decade. They play in the media spotlight of New York. They also aren't terribly far from his home. Other collateral damage of this deal could be that the Rangers don't buy Brad Richards out, thus eliminating another center option for the Stars.

According to John Shannon, Jim Nill has confirmed that Vigneault is no longer in the running.

Whether that means Vigneault turned them down, or the Stars have someone else lined up is anyone's guess. Regardless, Vigneault is gone.

The Stars options are starting to come off of the market. With both Vigneault and Eakins gone the Stars options appear to be Tom Renney and John Tortorella, Other names to watch are John Stevens of the Los Angeles Kings and old friend Dave Tippett of the Phoenix Coyotes should they be relocated in the near future.

More will come as this story develops for sure.


So, it sounds as if the Rangers may have money whipped or otherwise enticed Vigneault to head to New York. Perhaps they offered him some decision making power when it comes to the roster? Who knows. Either way, Dreger says he's getting a huge offer.

Update 2:


Dreger updates to say what some of us already believed: the Stars made a substantial offer to Alain Vigneault. He decided to go elsewhere. That's unfortunate.