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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Blackhawks, Bruins Play One For The Ages

The Chicago Blackhawks win Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals with a thrilling goal in the third overtime period.


The experts predicted this would be a fantastic series, and not just because two of the largest media hubs in all of sports are participating. These are two absolutely fantastic hockey teams that each play an attractive style of hockey, and in Game One's marathon of glory, they didn't disappoint.

The game was tied 3-3 at the end of regulation, and the crowd wouldn't see another tally until over midway through the third overtime period. By the time Andrew Shaw finally put a puck past Tuukka Rask, it didn't matter that Chicago had come back from a 3-1 deficit in the third period. It didn't matter that Boston blew a two goal third period lead. This game was neck and neck for almost six whole periods.

It was the first Stanley Cup Finals game to reach 100 total shots since the legendary Game Six in 1999, where the Dallas Stars defeated the Buffalo Sabres, also in the third overtime. I'm almost scared to ask if they know they're supposed to save the marathons for clinching games. The way this game was played, we may not be finished with bonus hockey.

That was a hockey game, folks. [Chicago Tribune]

Not only will the Colorado Avalanche be adding an extremely talented youngster this off-season, they'll also be adding some misogynistic eye candy for him to look at between whistles. The Avs will be joining the ranks of the Dallas Stars, New York Islanders, Los Angeles Kings, and Chicago Blackhawks, among others, who have replaced fat sweaty men in track suits with scantily clad ice maids, tasked with sweeping and shoveling the ice during TV timeouts. [Mile High Hockey]

Leave it to Sports Illustrated to illustrate sports so perfectly with their web galleries. Today, I stumbled upon their gallery titled "NHL Faces of Battle." Spoiler Alert: Of course Darryl Sydor is included. I've said it once, and I'll say it a million more times. Hockey is the greatest sport there is. [Sports Illustrated]

Former Canadiens goaltending coach, Rolie Melanson, had some harsh words for Carey Price and the recently fired goaltending coach that replaced him. Melanson, now employed by the Vancouver Canucks to oversee their stable of goaltenders, says that Price's play has steadily and noticeably declined every season since Pierre Groulx took over. []

Will the Phoenix Coyotes get a stay of execution like the St. Louis/Saskatoon Blues in 1983, or will they go the way of the Atlanta Thrashers and fade into the night? We finally appear to be close to a resolution on this seemingly decade old topic. []

Those of you hoping that Dan Byslma might be a potential candidate for the Stars vacant coaching position will be disappointed. The Penguins announced at a press conference yesterday that they were signing their coach to a 2-year extension, deciding not to make him the scapegoat for their disappointments. He also, once against, gave a vote of confidence to his goaltender, Marc-Andre Fleury. [TSN]

Byslma might want to take a look at TSN's play of the year voting, if he wants to see what successful goaltending looks like. Kari Lehtonen's amazing behind-the-back save from last season has made it this far, and is currently up against Cody Hodgson of the Buffalo Sabres. [TSN]

Looking to tie up one of the UFA prize defensemen before July, the Flyers traded for the right to talk contract with New York's Mark Streit, much like the Dallas Stars did with Sergei Gonchar. [New York Times]

I wish today's video could be Game One in it's entirety, but I don't think that would fly. I'll just have to settle for the game winner. If you didn't get a chance to watch this game, just believe me when I say that context was everything. What a game.