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NHL Stanley Cup Finals Picks: DBD Prognosticates the Final Round

The DBD crew gets together for one last round of predictions ahead of the Bruins' and Blackhawks' opening game of the Stanley Cup Final.


The Stanley Cup Finals are upon us already, and the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks stand poised to give us should be an entertaining series. You know, if Boston doesn't muck the whole thing up and slow it down too bad.

At any rate I'll actually watch the cup get skated this year. Unlike last year.

Who will come out on top? Let us hear from you in the comments.

Boston Bruins versus Chicago Blackhawks


Brandon: Can the Bruins defense and goaltending slow down the best team in the NHL? Chicago in seven in one of the best Cup finals we've seen in a very long time.

Erin: The Bruins haven't had the most difficult path to the Finals thus far, while the Hawks have had to face far more well-rounded opponents. The Hawks have been the best team all season, and there's no reason that should stop now. Chicago in six.

Josh: Chicago is the probably the best overall team in hockey. They should handle the Bruins given their considerable depth. Hawks in 6.

Brandon Bibb: No doubt that Boston has ridden the hot streak that started in their rally in Game 7 against Toronto a month ago having gone 8-1. But lest we forget, the Hawks had a difficult road to hoe down 3-1 to the Red Wings. Since then, they've gone 7-1. I think Patrick Kane heating up at just the right time will be the difference in this series. Hawks in 7.

Trevor: Time to test the old adage of "defense wins championships." Can the team that held the Pens to just 2 goals in an entire series do the same against the offensive juggernaut that is the Blackhawks? I say yes. Bruins in 6.

Taylor: Chicago is in for a tough bout, but their depth will help them come out on top. Chicago in 7.

Huw: Boston looks like its hit its hot streak on time for the Stanley Cup Finals, The Blackhawks won't make it easy for them but Boston should take its second Stanley Cup in three years. Bruins in 6.

Derek: Boston not only defeated the Rangers and the Penguins, they completely dominated them. After sweeping their last series the Bruins have both freshness and momentum going into the finals. Chicago's big guns Kane and Toews have finally rounded into form, but Crawford won't be able to stop Boston's red-hot top six forwards. Bruins in 5.

Ismael: This is going to be a really tight match up. Overall, Chicago's offense is better than that of the Bruins; they have game breaking talent up and down the lineup. Furthermore the offensive emergence of Bryan Bickell gives them someone who can play against the physical Bruins comfortably and potentially still thrive. The Bruins defense won't be able to keep up the kind of play they had against the Penguins and the Blackhawks are much deeper offensively and less intimidation-prone than the Penguins. This series will also hold a goaltender battle for the ages with Crawford and Rask both playing some of the very best hockey of their young careers. However, because of how deep the Blackhawks' offense is and how much their D-men can chip in but also play offense, I'm going to go with Chicago in 7 games for this series.

Cole: I've said since the start of the season that the Chicago Blackhawks are the team to beat, and that still hasn't changed. I'd absolutely love to see the Boston Bruins win it all, and I'll be cheering them on every game... but if I'm being objective, I've got to say Chicago in 5. They're just too complete a team. That said, Boston has already risen from the dead once and gone on to defeat Goliath. They may be one of those cliche "teams of destiny," and make me look like a fool for doubting them.

Brad: The matchup is Boston's team D versus Chicago's top players. But does Chicago have too many top players to contain right now? Hawks in 6...?