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Join Us For Two 2013-2014 Defending Big D Group Parties -- Including Mike Modano Night

Thanks to the success of last season's group party, we have two more scheduled for next season -- including an extra special one.

[Editor's Note: For those of you at Lone Star Ball who are also interested -- and thank you Adam for putting this up on LSB -- this first post is just to gauge interest and to inform everyone that these two group parties are in the works. The real RSVP will happen when group tickets go on sale and pricing has been determined. We'll keep everyone informed as soon as that happens.]

First off, a huge thanks to everyone that joined us for the group party last season! We had 67 people attend the final home game and, despite the final outcome and lack of playoffs, it seems like everyone really enjoyed their time.

We have two new group parties planned for next season. Without a schedule or pricing released yet, there are a number of items still in the air. However, given one of the dates that we have in store, I thought it would be a good idea to see how everyone feels about them.

In case you haven't heard, Mike Modano will be having his number retired on Saturday, March 8th, 2014, against the Minnesota Wild. Defending Big D has secured a group deposit that night, in order for us to go.

Given the huge demand for tickets for that game, this is a pretty big deal. Many thanks to D'Ann, our ticket rep with the Dallas Stars, for helping us get it done. Also, a big thanks to DBD members Wonderboy14 and Jevus2006 for helping us get the necessary deposits down quickly enough to put us near the top of the queue.

So, do you want to see #9 be hung in the rafters in person? Here's what you need to know:

There are a limited number of seats to the Modano jersey retirement game. We have 80 seats set aside for it. That's all we have. Now, in order to get our group seats reserved, we also committed to doing another group party sometime in October or November.

In order to join us for the Modano game, you also need to be at the other group game -- this was the only way to guarantee seats to such an in-demand event.

For the earlier group game, we are not sure when it will be. There will be a list of games for us to choose from once the schedule is released. It's possible that the game could be on a weeknight, so just a heads up on it. As soon as we get the list of games available to us, we will poll everyone and decide on the best date possible.

Pricing is also not settled yet. The Stars will be bringing back premium priced games (which was put on hold last season, due to the lockout). The Modano game will obviously fall under that category. However, if we have a weeknight game for our other event, I doubt that it would be premium priced. That means that, for one person to attend both games, the cost is likely around $120 ($65-$70 for the Modano game, $50-55 for the other one). This is also assuming we sit in sections 120 and 121 like we did for the last event.

Considering the price of single game tickets, plus ticket master fees you won't have to pay, plus the fact that there's almost no chance single game tickets will even be available for the March 8th game, this is an incredibly good deal.

As soon as the official prices are released, I will let you know, and gauge responses then as well. As far as any other details are concerned, they are all still up in the air as well. I'm not sure what the payment deadlines will be, nor much of anything else. As before, as soon as I get information, I will pass it along to you guys.

I understand that some people will need more details before they commit. That's totally fine. This is just to find out everyone's general interest in attending the Modano retirement game, as well as to let you plan ahead for when we get closer to the actual events.

Make sure to answer the poll below to help us get a good idea of what to expect.

I look forward to seeing you guys there!