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Dallas Stars Daily Links: New York Rangers Fire Tortorella

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Add another name to the list of high profile coaches available this summer.

Bruce Bennett

Depending on how you look at it, the coaching market either just got a whole lot more open for the Dallas Stars, or a whole lot more competitive. The New York Rangers have fired John Tortorella after another disappointing season in the Big Apple. This means that the Stars have another Stanley Cup winning coach available for hire, but it also means that whoever was already on their radar might now be drawn to the higher profile opening in New York.

Tortorella, more famous recently for his blunt, angry, distasteful, or rude media relations, won a Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning back in 2004. He has spent the last five seasons coaching the New York Rangers, having missed the playoffs the same amount of times he has been to the conference finals or beyond... once each...

You can read the latest on the firing over at the [New York Daily News].

Tortorella is one of those "love him or hate him" personalities, and that goes for his players too. Almost immediately after the news broke, former Rangers Marian Gaborik and Sean Avery both took to their Twitter accounts to chime in. Avery and Tortorella never really got along, and a few months ago, Avery went on the record saying that most of the Rangers players can't stand playing for him. [The Toronto Sun] wrote a piece about their tweets last night.

In Stanley Cup Playoff news, the Detroit Red Wings season is over. The Chicago Blackhawks eliminated the Wings in overtime of game 7, completely living up to the hype that was built around this Original Six matchup. The Blackhawks will advance to the Western Conference Finals, where they will take on the defending champions, the Los Angeles Kings. [Sports Illustrated]

The outcome of the game helped the NHL partially dodge some more controversy around officiating. The Blackhawks had a go-ahead goal wiped out in the dying minutes of the game due to another controversial call in a post-season that has been littered with them. You can check out the aftermath at the [Detroit Free Press].

Despite a second round exit, Mike Babcock is proud of his boys in red and white. It's hard to blame him. For much of the year, they looked like they couldn't compete in the post-Lidstrom era... but at the end of the day, they were one goal away from the final four. Good riddance, Wings. Take your humble perfection out east, and don't come back. [Detroit News]

Former Red Wings assistant, and new Dallas Stars general manager, Jim Nill is excited to be working with his mustachioed counterpart Les Jackson on this year's draft. Mike Heika took a look at the two former rivals' budding bromance at the draft table. [DMN]

You ever dig around a thrift store and find something you can't live without? This couple on Reddit have made me jealous. Some fourteen years after the Stars won the Stanley Cup, they found some mint condition championship swag just sitting around with their name on it. The AAC Pro Shop needs to reprint these beauties. I bet they'd outsell every pink bedazzled baby doll tshirt in the joint. [Reddit]

No article headlined by the firing of John Tortorella could be complete without a highlight reel of vitriol... so that's exactly what I'm sharing as the link of the day. Torts's Top 10 soundbites to date. Love him or hate him, he's entertainment.