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New Dallas Stars Jerseys? Reveal Could Come June 4th

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The Stars have sent out invitations to a special event taking place June 4th, 2013 - Presumably to unveil their new look and jerseys.

Pictured: Not the new jerseys
Pictured: Not the new jerseys
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Change is the order of the day for the Dallas Stars.

A new general manager. New (younger) players. A new division.

And a new look.

Not just a new jersey. A whole new look. That's been the chatter coming from the likes of Mike Heika and Mr. Stepneski since January when Stars owner Tom Gaglardi started mentioning it in media appearances when the lockout ended.

So get ready for green to (reportedly) be the dominant color of a new jersey and new primary logo when both are revealed at a special event hosted by the team on June 4th at the AT&T Performing Arts Center in downtown Dallas.

Invitations were sent out this morning to what's officially called a list of "select Dallas Stars VIPs" which, from what we can gather, includes quite a bit of media but likely extends to (and this is just speculation, don't hold me to it) some season ticket holders as well. The AT&T Performing Arts Center holds about 2,200 people, according to them internets.

I am only presuming the jersey reveal, as the invitation does not explicitly say anything of the sort. However, before I told my email account to load the images (three white jerseys hanging in a row spelling out the date 6-4-13, all current Dallas players, wouldn't ya know?) the alternate caption/placeholder for the photo was "Jersey Launch Event."

So it doesn't seem like much of a limb on which to climb.

The team spent quite a bit of time thinking this change over (time afforded by the lockout, specifically) and considered, from what we've heard, everything. New logos, maybe even new colors, etc. They've worked very hard on it and this should be a proud moment for Mr. Gaglardi as he starts really putting his stamp on this franchise this summer in more ways than one.

"What I wanted for this franchise was a logo and a look and a crest that when you look at it has timeless, original-six, vintage, classic qualities to it, and that's been the theme of what we've been pursuing," Gaglardi told us in January. I then asked if that was to say that he hoped this new jersey would be one that would stick around for the long-haul and he answered simply "Yes."

So just 32 days until the new look is unveiled- A nice mid-summer treat before the real action of the draft and free agency arrive.