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2013 Dallas Stars Training Camp: Stars Closing in on Deal with Fort Worth

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The FWST reported yesterday that training camp could begin at the Fort Worth Convention Center as early as September 11th, 2013, though no dates are confirmed.


An aggressive summer of re-branding, marketing and salesmanship continues for the Dallas Stars as word continues to filter out that their 2013 training camp will take place at least partially in downtown Fort Worth when on-ice activities finally resume this fall.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram got a statement from Kirk Slaughter, Fort Worth's public events director on the on-going talks:

"If it occurs, what would occur would probably be a training camp on Wednesday-Thursday-Friday in the (Fort Worth) Convention Center arena," Slaughter said. On the final day, the team would break into two squads for a scrimmage.

The team could end up staying in Fort Worth and hosting some fan activities, he said. The city and team are looking at Sept. 11-13, he said. [FWST]

Read more at the FWST.

The Fort Worth Convention Center was previously home to the Fort Worth Fire and Fort Worth Brahmas hockey teams.

"We're very interested in making ourselves the Hockey Team of Texas, and really the entire Southwest," Stars President and CEO Jim Lites told the DMN last week.

September 11th sounds early, but the team is scheduled to be in San Antonio the Friday of the following week and Oklahoma City the Friday after that - Meaning there will be no shortage of opportunities for Stars fans to gas up the jalopy and engage in hockey fun all over the region for a few weeks as summer winds down.

That's a mere 106 days away, with a coaching hire, 10 draft picks, and free agency between now and then. The lockout didn't deliver much in the way of fan satisfaction but this abbreviated summer will be one of the few perks with hockey possibly being played up until the 27th or 28th of June if the third round gets a seven-game series.

The training camp announcement could be a part of the upcoming June 4th event to unveil new primary and secondary logos along with a new color scheme and complete uniform redesign.