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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Colorado Avalanche Might Trade First Overall Pick

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Patrick Roy has advised Joe Sakic that the Avalanche should consider trading down for more assets.

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Doug Pensinger

Maybe the predictions of a Jones, MacKinnon, Drouin draft order aren't such a lock as we assumed. The Colorado Avalanche, who have arguably the most confusing hockey operations department structure in the league, are going to explore their options of trading their first overall draft slot.

Head coach and vice president of hockey operations has informed executive vice president of hockey operations, Joe Sakic, that he believes getting multiple assets from their draft slot might be more beneficial to their rebuild than simply a blue chip prospect. What general manager Greg Sherman thinks about this, much like his actual responsibilities in the organization nowadays, is unknown at this time.

One thing is for certain. The price tag will not be cheap to move into the top 3 of this year's draft. In what is considered one of the strongest and most impressive talent pools in recent memory, there are still three absolute standout prospects at the top. The Colorado Avalanche, Florida Panthers, and Tampa Bay Lightning would be fools to accept anything but a king's ransom for their top picks.

You can read more about Roy and Sakic's plans over at the [CBS Hockey Blog].

Even if the Avalanche retain their first overall pick, the common perception that they select Seth Jones may not be such a lock either. Rumors are abound that Patrick Roy is more impressed by the two QMJHL prospects, MacKinnon and especially Drouin, than the WHL product, Jones.

He isn't alone. After Nathan MacKinnon's strong showing at the Memorial Cup, he jumped over Seth Jones to regain the top spot in the final ISS Draft Rankings for the year, a spot Jones has held for the better part of the season. []

In Stanley Cup Playoff news, the Los Angeles Kings got the win against the San Jose Sharks in last night's game seven, by a score of 2-1. The defending champions will move on to the Western Conference Finals, where they will face the winner of the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings series. []

Speaking of the Wings and Hawks, the Chicago Sun Times "gets it." They put up a wonderfully simplistic piece on the eve of their own game seven, that manages to capture exactly what it is we love about playoff hockey in original six markets. [Chicago Sun Times]

Back East, short-time Dallas Star, Jaromir Jagr is set to return to the city of Pittsburgh, to face off the team he is most associated with, this time as a member of the Boston Bruins. This is exactly the matchup that was hoped for by much of the media, after the trade deadline arms race between the two black and gold franchises... though at the time, I think most people assumed Jagr would be more of a factor. [CBC]

Exhausted of the Phoenix Coyotes ownership situation yet? I was about 2 years ago. Yesterday the NHL met with a group of buyers in Glendale, to talk specifics about the lease with the arena. Maybe they won't become the Quebec Coyodiques afterall. [AZCentral]

Something else I'm exhausted about: Canadian Media bemoaning another season without a Stanley Cup Championship franchise north of the border. A Canadian team hasn't won the Stanley Cup since the Montreal Canadiens in 1993. Apparently, it's not enough that the overwhelming majority of players that win the Stanley Cup are Canadian. [TSN]

Today's video is short and sweet. Celebrities, apparently! OMGMORECELEBRITIES!