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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Blackhawks Force Seventh Game

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The Chicago Blackhawks stay alive with a thrilling victory over the Detroit Red Wings on Memorial Day.

Gregory Shamus

The Chicago Blackhawks season is not over. After the first two periods in Monday's game six, it looked like the Detroit Red Wings might have done enough to eliminate them, but as we all know, that's not how playoff hockey works. A three goal third period, including Michael Frolik's game-winning penalty shot goal, got the Blackhawks off the ropes, and ready for a return trip to the United Center for a deciding game seven, to be played on Wednesday night.

The Detroit Red Wings don't seem daunted. Technically underdogs, though it's hard to consider the Red Wings franchise an underdog in any circumstance nowadays, Detroit is embracing the challenge. "If I would've told Detroit and Michigan we would play in Chicago in Game seven, I think everybody would be excited about that," Mike Babcock said. "I love Game sevens."

You can read a recap of Monday night's action at []

That said, Blackhawks seem to be getting under the skin of the Red Wings. On Monday, Jamal Mayers was fined for shooting the puck the length of the ice, into the Detroit goal, during warm-ups. While a relatively harmless action, it completely goes against the man-code of hockey etiquette. At least Mayers owned up to it. "I was trying to get under their skin, I'm not going to hide behind it or lie to you." [Chicago Tribune]

Detroit's Brendan Smith, the older brother of Dallas's Reilly Smith, thinks Chicago is crossing the line in more ways than just warmup. He thinks the Blackhawks are getting away with too much hacking, slashing, and cheap-shots. Agitators gonna agitate. [MLive]

In other news around the league, Daniel Alfredsson, long-time captain of the Ottawa Senators, is weighing his future this summer, after an impressively #pesky campaign this season. I hope he keeps it going another year or two, personally. Nothing to dislike about the guy. []

While the Dallas Stars are unveiling their new uniforms on June 4th, the NHLPA will be holding a vote to decide the future of visors in NHL games. Most have predicted for well over a decade now that visors would soon be mandatory for NHL players, with the most likely implementation involving a grandfather clause that allows those without visors to continue as they are. New York's Marc Staal wants to take that a step further, and make them mandatory across the board. [ProHockeyTalk]

While I prefer the non-visor look personally, the only place this will really affect me is in my EA Sports NHL Be A Pro mode, where I usually rock a classic Jofa helmet, sans-shield. EA Sports is currently holding a playoff to decide who will be on the cover of NHL 14, and we're down to two. Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils and Sergei Bobrovsky of the Columbus Blue Jackets are the finalists. How has Brodeur not been on the cover yet? [EA Sports]

The Vancouver Sun takes a glimpse into the world of scouting and the NHL Combine, as we patiently wait for the 2014 NHL Draft... a draft that is looking to be absolutely critical to the Dallas Stars future. [Vancouver Sun]

The Portland Winterhawks lost to the Halifax Mooseheads in the Memorial Cup Final, but they're not letting that ruin their monumental season. The Columbian has a nice little piece on the Winterhawks, and how they're taking pride in their WHL title this summer. [The Columbian]

Today's video is from the Blackhawks victory in game 6. Michael Frolik scored a penalty shot goal to give Chicago some insurance in the third period, and it would end up being the game-winner. Absolutely slick backhander that had me fooled the first time I saw it, too. Seemless transition from stickhandling to lifting it over the goalie and into the net.