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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars to Play Preseason Game in Oklahoma City

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Alex Chiasson may be back in that empty, empty arena where the OKC Barons play, but this time with a Dallas jersey on as the Stars will reportedly play EDM in OKC this September.

OKC Barons/Texas Stars

The Edmonton Journal reported yesterday that the Dallas Stars will journey to Oklahoma City on September 27th to play a preseason game against the Barons' parent club: The Edmonton Oilers.

The Edmonton Oilers and Dallas Stars will play a pre-season game at the home of the Oklahoma City Barons, the Oilers' American Hockey League affiliate, on Sept. 27.

It will be the fourth NHL exhibition contest played in Oklahoma City.

The Stars took on the St. Louis Blues in 1995, then two years later the Blues and Boston Bruins met in the state capital. The most recent game featured the Los Angeles Kings and Phoenix Coyotes in 2002.

And so the Dallas Stars continue to write checks my marriage, my day job and my gasoline bill (training camp in Forth Worth too, remember) may not be able to cash. You might recall that the Stars will also play a preseason game one week earlier against the Florida Panthers in San Antonio - Consecutive Fridays.

Still, it's a big part of the Stars' stated plan to become, perhaps, the hockey teams of all of Texas and the Southwest, not just Dallas and Fort Worth.

Road trip?


  • Multiple outlets in Phoenix reported yesterday that Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney is close to a contract extension despite the team's ongoing existence problems. That's significant. If Maloney stays the smart money says Dave Tippett definitely stays as well, making the talent pool where head coaches are concerned all the more shallow as Nill and others look for their next bench boss. [FSAZ]
  • Jonathan Toews was a bad boy last night in taking three separate minor penalties in three separate incidents within about 6 minutes of the second period. Coincidentally, or perhaps not so, the Blackhawks now find themselves with their backs against the wall as the Wings lead 3-1. Your best players have to be your best players. Hard to do that sitting frustrated in a penalty box. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • The Carolina Hurricanes will reveal their new jerseys on... June 4th? Hours and hours before Dallas does. A coincidence, says Icethetics, and not to do with Reebok. It's safe to say Jim Lites may not love the timing. [Icethetics]
  • Curt Fraser will NOT interview for the head coaching vacancy in Dallas, but will be put on the staff of whoever is hired. [Heika]
  • Tim Cowlishaw details his wish list for head coach, doesn't mention Alain Vigneault [DMN]
  • We're still not sure that it isn't an elaborate prank on the hockey world, but the Avalanche made the Patrick Roy hiring official Thursday, naming him not only head coach but also VP of hockey operations. The entertaining press conferences should start any second now. [Puck Daddy]
  • Stars Assistant General Manager, contract guy and all around great dude Frank Provenzano will be leaving the team, Craig Custance reports. [ESPN]
  • Idle speculation from a radio station in Canada that Vigneault could get some consideration from Dallas, and they suggest a few teams in the East that have not fired their coaches yet will do so in the coming weeks. [660 News]
  • Todd at Pegasus news forgoes most of his usual snark in genuinely wondering if Jamie Benn has enough in the leadership department to be captain. Recall the Stars said there will be significant announcements at the jersey unveiling. Could a captaincy announcement be in the offering? [Pegasus News]
  • There was other "news" last night, and we may or may not comment on it depending on what inquiries reveal throughout the day. That's all on that.

And uhhh... well... Oh dear...

And so we must wait, largely due to this blunder, to celebrate the possible procurement of Boston's first rounder.