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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Look to Expand Southwestern Footprint This Preseason

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Negotiations to put Dallas Stars training camp in Fort Worth are underway. Stars want to become the team of the Southwest.

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Ronald Martinez

Jim Lites isn't content with the Dallas Stars simply being the hockey team of Dallas. Even just the Metroplex won't do. He wants the Stars sphere of influence to extend throughout the State of Texas, and into Oklahoma, Louisiana, and beyond. When you look at an NHL alignment map, such a plan doesn't seem that far fetched... especially if the Phoenix Coyotes are on the move.

The first step in this aggressive takeover over the region? Inching training camp out west, into Brahmas territory, Fort Worth, Texas. Seems to be the best of both worlds, if the Stars plan to keep the players in hotels as if they're actually out on the road. In the past, the Stars have held training camp on Prince Edward Island, in Colorado, and other not-so-local locales. The purpose of this was to force team bonding in a way that coming to the rink, then heading home to the wife and kids, simply can't recreate.

Training camp alone isn't going to win over the entire state or region, however. The Stars also plan to schedule preseason games way down in San Antonio, and up in Oklahoma City. Lites kept the door wide open on the prospects of future training camps being held in Austin, Houston, or beyond.

Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News has more about this plan over on his blog at the [DMN].

In other Dallas Stars news, we are getting closer and closer to the unveiling of the brand new identity on June 4th. It's been no secret ever since invitations went out that this date would be marked on everyone's calendar, but the official press release from the organization point to bigger announcements coinciding with the event.

Tom Gaglardi, Jim Lites, Jim Nill, Jamie Benn, and Mike Modano will all be present, when the Stars are expected to trot out in their new look, and make announcements about the future of this franchise. Does two-plus-two equal Jamie Benn as the captain? Announcing Modano's jersey retirement? Some kind of former-player/player-coach co-coaching hybrid that puts "Hull-Jack" to shame?

We've got plenty of time to make outlandish predictions. In the mean time, here is the press release. []

Speaking of the Stars coaching vacancy, you can mark Phil Housley off the list of candidates. The Nashville Predators have inked the former defenseman to be their new assistant, replacing the recently fired Peter Horachek. [Tennessean]

The Dallas Stars are one more Boston Bruins victory away of obtaining a first round draft pick from the Jagr trade. Their victory last night put the New York Rangers on the verge of a sweep. Go Bruins. []

The San Jose Sharks have officially made this a series out west in California, armed with another controversial call in a post-season that seems to be riddled with them. The official apparently lost sight of the puck as it slid through Niemi's pads and into the net, resulting in an early whistle. So THAT'S why the Sharks are wearing black instead of teal this post season. Puck camouflage. [CBS]

Speaking of poor decisions, the Los Angeles Kings twitter account allowed a "celebrity" tweeter to take over last night. I use that term loosely. Among his contributions? Comparing hockey action to sexual assault. You stay classy, Los Angeles. [Sporting News]

Today's video isn't in English, but it's a trailer for a new Russian movie that's coming out, based on the life of Valeri Kharlamov, one of the coolest and most underrated hockey stars in history. I can't wait for this to come out subtitled for us yankees out west. Looks like it could rival "The Rocket" for best hockey biopic.

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