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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Patrick Roy to Coach Avalanche?

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Stéphane Roy has told the Denver Post that his brother will accept the Avs' coaching job.

Justin K. Aller

Have the Colorado Avalanche learned nothing from the Dallas Stars? Both franchises, regularly counted on in the 1990's and 2000's to contend for the Stanley Cup, behind such star power as Joe Sakic, Patrick Roy, Brett Hull, and Joe Nieuwendyk, now more likely to compete for the top ten picks in the NHL Entry draft.

When the golden era of Stars hockey was over, they needed a spark (and some good headlines), so they looked to the past for big names to put in management roles. Joe Nieuwendyk as general manager. Brett Hull as co-general manager (and ambassador of fun). Both were varying degrees of failure, not without their bright spots, nor their blemishes.

Since then, the Stars have dedicated themselves less to their past, and more to their future, with the hiring of Jim Nill, and talk of finding an established coach with a managerial pedigree. The Colorado Avalanche on the other hand, have looked to the rafters for their new management team. First with former captain Joe Sakic, and if Stéphane Roy is to be believed, now Patrick Roy.

Stéphane Roy, Patrick's brother, and oddly enough a former Stars third round pick in 1985, is telling the Denver Post that Patrick Roy will be taking over the Avalanche's head coaching job. Roy has actually been quite a successful coach for the Quebec Remparts of the QMJHL, compiling a record of 307-128-32 since 2005.

Will the Avs have better luck than the Stars did by living in the past? Time will tell... but that first overall pick certainly won't hurt.

Here is the original article from the [Denver Post].

Remember how everyone made such a big deal about Jaromir Jagr being given the keys to the Stars practice facility? He's taking advantage of the same perks with the Boston Bruins, skating by himself two hours after their victory over the New York Rangers in game two. [Days of Y'Orr]

The New York Rangers are trying to get their train back on the tracks, before it's too late. [New York Times]

Yahoo's Puck Daddy blog has probably the coolest article I've read all month right now, showcasing the number of teeth lost so far during the NHL Playoffs. Read this and tell me that hockey isn't the greatest sport of all time. [Puck Daddy]

Last night, the Detroit Red Wings pulled ahead of the Chicago Blackhawks in their second round series, under quite a bit of controversy. Down by one in the third period, Chicago scored what appeared to be a tying goal, only to have it waved off immediately for phantom goalie interference. Or wait... his foot WAS in the crease. That's still a thing, right? [NBC]

The Stars official site has a really great retrospective on the franchise's history that I think should be required reading for everyone in attendance next season. I loved it, and want to see more articles like this on the official site. []

Finally, our video of the day comes from the Memorial Cup, where London's Max Domi made the highlight reel assist of the tournament so far. This kid is one of my favorite prospects in hockey, and I'd love to see him in a Dallas Stars sweater for years to come. Six shades of sexy, the next generation.

Bo Horvat (1) Goal: (Max Domi Between The Legs Pass) Portland 3 London Knights 2. May 20th 2013 (via xXxCrosby87Xx)