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Dallas Stars Prospect Update: Two Stars Prospects in the Memorial Cup Tournament

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A brief update on the Stars prospects still in action in the CHL playoffs.

Richard Wolowicz

With the conclusion of the WHL Taylor Peters and the Portland Winterhawks advanced themselves to the Memorial Cup tournament. Taylor Peters was signed as a free agent, his contract starting at the beginning of the 2013-2014 season, out of the WHL this season by the Dallas Stars.

On Sunday the Winterhawks beat the Edmonton Oil Kings 4-2 in a best of 7 series to earn themselves a place in the Memorial Cup Tournament. Through the Winterhawks 21 game WHL post season Taylor Peters had 10 points, 1 goal and 9 assists.

Joining Taylor Peters in the Memorial Cup Tournament is a more recognisable name for Dallas Stars fans: Matej Stransky. Matej Stransky's Saskatoon Blades are the hosts for this years Memorial Cup and therefore, despite their first round sweep, automatically earn themselves a place in the tournament. The Blades haven't played for nearly two months now but perhaps their early exit from the WHL playoffs will help propel them into being competitive against the best teams that the CHL has to offer.

So far only the WHL and QMJHL have concluded their playoffs to choose their respective contenders in the Memorial Cup. From the WHL the Portland Winterhawks and from the QMJHL the Halifax Mooseheads. The OHL contender will be known by the end of Monday with the London Knights and Barrie Colts facing off in the 7th game of their series.

It will be good to see how Matej Stransky, as one of the Stars best prospects, handles the pressure of the Memorial Cup tournament and to show case his skills.