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NHL Playoff Watching Thread: Elimination Night

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Three elimination games tonight... are your teams going to survive?


With so many games on a Friday night, and three of them being elimination games, we decided to create a watching thread for Stars fans to join in and watch collectively.

Just a reminder what's on Slate as the games begin:

Toronto @ Boston, 6:00 PM on NHL Network -- This is game 5 in the series, and Toronto faces elimination. Should Boston win tonight, they are only four more wins away from giving the Stars their 1st Round pick. So, you know, go Bruins.

NY Rangers @ Washington, 6:30 PM on NBCSN -- The series is currently tied at 2-2, as the Capitals look to recover from their recent poor play. Hopefully they installed fresh batteries tonight.


Anaheim @ Detroit, 7:00 PM on CNBC -- It's game 6 in this series, with the Ducks leading 3-2. For Stars fans, it's pretty much a battle of two evils here, but I'm pulling for Detroit this round.

St. Louis @ Los Angeles, 9:00 PM on NBCSN -- In what has been one of the better series of the playoffs, the Blues are facing elimination against the Kings. Can they force a game 7?

Just a friendly reminder that if you do not have NBC Sports Network or CNBC, but you do have some kind of cable at home, you can live stream those games on your computer at the NBC Sports website. I find this incredibly useful, since more than one game is going on at a time right now. Unfortunately, though, I do not believe that the game on NHL Network is available online.

What say you Stars fans? Who are you rooting for?