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NHL Trade Deadline: Dallas Stars' Alex Goligoski a Trade Target?

The Dallas Stars defenseman has apparently garnered interest from other teams in the trade market, although there is zero indication the Stars are willing to actually move Goligoski.

Ronald Martinez

The two big trades everyone was expecting happened a day ahead of the trade deadline, yet there's no guarantee that the Dallas Stars are done making trades. The Stars still have a few pending free agents that could potentially be moved, although it seems at this point that the Joe Nieuwendyk may not be "actively" shopping players, instead of just fielding phone calls and seeing what interest lies out there.

Which brings us to the first interesting speculation out there today:

As always, "good return" is the caveat and brings us back to the old adage of "any player could be had for the right price." Sure, teams may be inquiring about whether Goligoski is available -- especially with the defensemen the Stars added to the organization yesterday -- but that does not mean that Nieuwendyk is even interested in trading the talented defenseman.

There's going to be a predictable outcry that the Stars should listen and move him if the right trade comes along but let's be clear about this -- any trade involving Goligoski would absolutely have to have a significant return coming back. Better than Jagr, better than Morrow and definitely better than Roy. Goligoski is a 40-50 point defenseman in a full season, and he's nearly on that pace this season, and he's under contract for the next three years.

Another name to keep an eye on is Eric Nystrom, who is set to be a free agent this summer. The Stars reportedly want to keep him and have apparently begun contract talks, although it's possible that there are teams that would be willing to part with a high draft pick for some gritty energy headed into the postseason. We thought Nystrom might have been on the move last night, although that appeared to be a false alarm.

We'll continue updating the site throughout the day with news and rumors ahead of the actual trade deadline.