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Defending Big D Group Party: Details And Updates

If you plan on attending the season finale for the Dallas Stars, make sure you join us for the festivities!


Tomorrow evening is the final game of the season for the Dallas Stars. Despite a late season comeback, there will not be any hockey played again in May at the American Airlines Center.

And since we can't enjoy any playoff hockey this year, we might as well enjoy the heck out of the last game that will be played for several months.

The last game of the season is always "Fan Appreciation Night" and the Stars organization has a lot in store for us. While they may have fallen short of the playoffs this year, there is still plenty to celebrate from this year. The team has shown great promise for the future, and fans should be excited about what lies in store for this team.

But you know what we can be even more excited about?

Knocking the Red Wings out of the playoffs.

The team is ready to leave it all out on the ice tomorrow for the fans, so let's make sure that we get the arena rocking for them. After all, as Erin so eloquently put it, it's also a chance for us to thank them.

Most of you already know about the group seats that we have going on, as well as a basic plan of what we will be doing. If you need a refresher, though you can click here and read up on what we have in store.

In addition to all of that, there are a couple of minor updates that we have in store. First, we have a couple of signed pucks to hand out. The plan is to do a bit of trivia when we are out on the plaza, so be prepared. (Hint: You may want to check twitter while you're out there)

Also, and this is the big one: The group picture that we have planned is still on, however, due to end of season ceremonies, it will not be immediately after the game. The players are doing "jerseys off our backs" and some other items that will obviously take priority. So, as it stands now, the group picture will be immediately after those end. We hope that you'll stick around and join us for it. After all, the game is starting an hour earlier than originally planned, so it all evens out if you think about it. (A couple of people have asked this, but unfortunately the group picture is limited only to those who purchased the group tickets. I wish we could have everyone, but it might get out of hand too quickly. Sorry!)

Here is a brief summary of the time schedule that we have:

4:30 - Party on the Plaza meet and greet. We will be close to the street, so that we are easy to find. DBD staff will also be wearing some matching polos. (If there is rain, we will likely be in the South Lobby)

5:30 - Game Time: We will head to our seats and enjoy the game.

9:00ish - Hang around for the group picture, and enjoy the festivities on the Plaza and at the bars.

If you guys have any questions about what's going on, you can reach me via e-mail or twitter, and I will try to check them as often as I can. (If you click my name above, you can see my e-mail address. My twitter handle is just to the right of my name.)

If you aren't able to make it tomorrow night, whether you are a long time reader or brand new, I would like to say a thank you for another great season. This blog would be an empty shell full of ramblers without all of you to fill it. You guys are what makes this place, at least in my mind, so special and unique for Stars fans. So thank you.

And go Stars.