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Saturday Scoreboard Watching Thread - Don't Pretend Like You Won't Be Watching

With the day off, let's take a moment to relax, watch some other games, and regroup for tomorrow night.

Ronald Martinez

With the loss last night, many of us here at DBD are taking a moment to relax, breathe, and gear up for the final push for the postseason.

With Detroit playing tonight, most of our eyes will invariably be on the scoreboard, so we invite you to join us here to discuss the game - and any other game - as they happen.

As for the Stars, they are in LA, and getting ready for their game tomorrow evening. According to Mark Stepneski, Lane MacDermid is likely to return tomorrow, and Trevor Daley is still listed as day-to-day. With any luck, Daley will be feeling well enough to return, as they will need all hands on deck against the Kings.

With 4 games remaining, the Stars maintain control of their own destiny. However, their odds of making the playoffs are currently at 26.6%. With a Detroit regulation loss tonight, that would increase to 32%. So let's cheer for that.

Feel free to discuss anything else in the thread as well.

We will be back tomorrow as we prepare for yet again the biggest game of the season.