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Installment #2 of the GDT

Dilip Vishwanat

The Dallas Stars are trailing through two periods. Although they have been playing well so far, a weak call and an unlucky bounce have put them behind. With the stifling defense of the St. Louis Blues, it will be difficult to take the lead.

But, it may just be important to get to overtime. Can they do it? Below is part two of the Game Day thread, in order to keep computers from slowing down too much.

Like we said earlier today:

With a flurry of recent four and five-goal performances the Dallas Stars are now the second highest scoring team in the Western Conference with 2.81 goals per game, tied with the Anaheim Ducks.

They'll have their hands full tonight trying to keep that number up, however, as the St. Louis Blues' stingy team defense and stellar net-minding of Brian Elliott stand in their way of another critical step to an unlikely post-season berth.