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[Updated For Time Change] Come Meet The DBD Family At The American Airlines Center On April 27th

Aside from the group seating we already have, we plan on meeting everyone before the game begins. Won't you join us?

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Due to NBC picking this one up as "The Game To Watch," is has been moved to a start time of 6:00 PM. This will obviously affect our meet up times by an hour. I have noted it on the schedule below, so make sure you plan accordingly.


As the Dallas Stars continue to try and work their way up the standings, let's take a look ahead at the final game of the season. One that, at this point, could be a winner take all game for the #8 seed in the playoffs.

For the last couple of seasons, we have been trying to throw a group party together which, for one reason or a lockout nother, didn't happen. Finally, thanks to the help of D'Ann and some extremely enthusiastic members of DBD (Special hat tip to Wonderboy14), we were able to get a group organized for the season ending game against the Detroit Red Wings.

We sold nearly 70 tickets in the group, and likely would have had more if not for the fact that the game sold out, and we ran out of space too quickly. The final number itself was an expansion of the original 40 or so I believed would actually commit. I think I speak for all of the writers when I say that we were shocked (and maybe a little bit proud) that so many people want to join us. So thanks to all of you that bought in!

Of course, we realize that there are many others who want to come, but either already had season tickets, or couldn't commit to the game yet for one reason or another. That is why we will be having a pre-game meet up with anyone who wants to come say hello. You don't have to be a part of the group seats to meet up here. Heck, you don't even have to be going to the game itself. You can join us on the Plaza, and meet the writers of DBD, as well as all the members that make the community so great.

We thought it best to do a meet and greet before the game, since, as things are right now in the standings, we might all be focused pretty heavily on the game itself once it begins. So, the following is the tentative game plan:


Starting around 5:30 4:30, the DBD staff will be on the Plaza (somewhere near the front by the street). With this being the final home game, on a Saturday, against the Red Wings, on Fan Appreciation Night, it is probably going to be a little crowded. So be prepared for that.

We should be easy to find, as I believe we will be clothing coordinated with some matching polos. Of course, if we are all wearing sweaters, that will make it a bit more difficult, so you can also look for the sign that says "Defend Big D!" that I will be bringing. Off the top of my head, I know that local writers Brad Gardner and Taylor Baird will be there, along with Brandon Worley (coming from Houston), Erin Bolen (coming from Phoenix), and myself (coming from Knoxville).

We look forward to meeting all of you there, whether you are regular commenters or silent readers. Make sure you stop by so we can say thank you for shaping this community into what it has become.


With pre-game skate beginning at 6:30 5:30, it is likely most of us will shuffle off around 6:00 5:00 in order to get food or drinks and get settled in our seats. Personally, regardless of where the Stars are in the standings that day, I would love for our group section to be the most raucous, cheer-leading section that has ever existed in the AAC. NO STARTING THE WAVE!!! Wherever you are sitting, kick back, relax, and enjoy the game!


For those of you who have tickets in the group section, make sure you hang around after the game, as we will head down to the Dallas Stars bench, and take a group picture. Having never been on the bench before, I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Afterwards, there are no other obligations or plans. What you do and who you meet with is entirely up to you. Some people will want to head home immediately after. For me, with any luck (read: lots and lots of luck), we will all be celebrating the post-season berth out on the plaza or somewhere nearby. Worst case scenario, we will be drowning our sorrows of another playoffless season out on the plaza or somewhere nearby. Either way, if you see any member or commenter of DBD post game, feel free to say hi.


Just as an FYI, we already have a deposit down on a group party for next season (Again, a special thanks to Wonderboy14 for coordinating with me on it. You make the whole ordeal that much simpler!). Thanks to the response this year, we felt pretty comfortable with the fact that we could get at least 20 people (the minimum required for a group) to join us for one more game. Obviously, the schedule is not out yet, so we don't have any plan set at all. But when it does come out, we will take a look at what is ahead, and what game(s) we can schedule. Odds are it will be around a holiday so that our college readers and out of towners have a better chance to join in. Since the Stars usually have a good homestand around Thanksgiving, Christmas,and NYE, it's usually a safe bet to plan for a game around then. We will put out a post with several dates for people to vote on, along with any updated information that we receive.

That's about it. If you guys have any other plans or suggestions, feel free to make them in the comments below. We look forward to seeing you there!