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NHL Trade Rumors: Dallas Stars Listening To Jaromir Jagr Offers? [Updated]

More speculation on the NHL trade front, this time featuring Jaromir Jagr and the Philadelphia Flyers. Please direct all trade discussion here.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

**As we reported last week, talks have begun between the team and Jagr on a possible contract extension that would keep him in Dallas through next season. Appearing on the Stars' postgame show following Friday's win over the Minnesota Wild, Jagr stated that while he wants to stay in Dallas it might not be entirely up to him:

"That's just the way it is," said Jagr, when asked about the Stars possibly listening to trade offers from other teams. "You know, things I cannot control, I learn through my life I shouldn't worry about things I can't control see cannot control (sounded like that anyway). I'm here right now trying to play my best hockey and you just never know. I love it here but whatever happen happen. I'm professional, I have to move on if something happens. But I don't want to leave to be honest, I love it here."

By all accounts, Jagr has fully embraced the role of the veteran mentor on a team in transition, with a younger core of players in place attempting to find the best strategy and approach for success. His presence has been felt away from the ice as well, as teammates have embraced his hard-working practice regimen that includes midnight skates at the team's ice facilities.

Jagr stated in the same interview that the team has known his stance on wanting to stay for quite some time, and that it now seems as though it's completely up to the team as to whether he stays or not. The reason for the delay?

"Maybe they are getting some other offers from other teams," said Jagr. "I'm not sure."

The Stars have already traded Morrow and likely will be trading Derek Roy in the next few days. It's only logical, then, that the Stars would certainly be open to listening to offers from other teams on Jagr and determining just what might be the best course of action for the franchise long-term. Especially when you consider the direction this season is now taking.

According to Sam Carchidi of, the Philadelphia Flyers are confirmed to be a team that has had "exploratory" talks with the Stars in regards to Jagr -- although there is no indication of just what would be on the table in return. The Boston Bruins have also been rumored to likely be interested Jagr, especially after missing out on the Jarome Iginla sweepstakes.

The Dallas Stars, by all accounts, are just as interested in keeping Jagr and he is in remaining with the team. Smart business dictates that, at the very least, the Stars should listen to see what other teams are offering, and that certainly seems to be the case here.


** No new entries into the Derek Roy sweepstakes, although there is this fine little nugget from Darren Dreger:

So there's that.

There is a report from Eric Stephens that the Anaheim Ducks could use a second line center, so of course Derek Roy is mentioned as a strong possibility.