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Weekly Dallas Stars Roster Analysis: Ups and Downs for Week 6

How have the Dallas Stars players looked over the last week of games? We take a look in this weeks ups and downs.

Ronald Martinez

There were just two games over the past week as the Dallas Stars got a much welcomed respite in the schedule. There was a terrible, no good, very bad game against the Edmonton Oilers. And then one very nice (albeit boring to some...) win against the St. Louis Blues. That will lead to a whole bunch of average in this week's ratings. The best part of the week was the return of starting goaltender Kari Lehtonen.


Comments: Bachman did not see any games during this light week with Lehtonen's return.

Jamie BENN
2gp, 0-0-0, -3

Comments: Benn is a combined -9 in his last four games played. He had no offensive production this week to offset his defensive hiccups, so he drops into the struggling zone on his defensive game this week (and one ill-timed crosscheck.)

Jordie BENN
2gp, 0-1-1, Even

Comments: The two games played by Jordie Benn this week were almost polar opposites - against Edmonton he was on the ice for three even strength goals against, but was on the ice for three even strength goals for against the St. Louis Blues. It evens out to being about average for the week.

2gp, 1-0-1, Even

Comments: Eric Cole has been pretty much as advertised after coming over to Dallas in the Michael Ryder trade. He's spent time on the top power play unit and chipped in some depth offense from the third line.

Trevor DALEY
2gp, 0-0-0, Even

Comments: Daley played with Jordie Benn as his partner for the past two games, and the two had a struggle against Edmonton. They seemed to find a groove in the game against St Louis, however, so maybe they both are trending in the right direction now.

Brenden DILLON
2gp, 0-0-0, -1

Comments: The fact that Dillon ended up even in the game against Edmonton is really great, considering more than half the roster was at least a -1 or worse in that game.

2gp, 0-1-1, Even

Comments: Seems to not have missed a beat with Ryder's departure.

2gp, 1-1-2, Even

Comments: I think Loui is back, y'all.

2gp, 0-0-0, Even

Comments: Fiddler helped the team out by staying out of the penalty box for most of the games this week. So that's nice.

2gp, 0-0-0, -2

Comments: Coming out even in that game against Edmonton is something else.

2gp, 0-1-1, +1

Comments: Scored his 10th assist of the season, to now lead the defense in scoring and has about one third of the total points from the blueline this season.

Jaromir JAGR
2gp, 2-0-2, -1

Comments:Has goals in two consecutive games, the first multi-game goal streak for Jagr this season.


Comments: Larsen looks like he'll be coming back into the lineup after missing the last few games. He didn't play this past week.

2gp, 1-1-0, 3.00 GAA, .915 SV%

Comments: Lehtonen historically doesn't do well in games where he returns from injury. He turned in a stellar game against St. Louis following the ugly one versus Edmonton, which makes me think he's right back to his old form and the Edmonton game was just an aberration.

Brenden MORROW
2gp, 0-0-0, -1

Comments: Shifted down to the second line this week with Loui Eriksson's move to the Jagr-Benn line.

2gp, 0-0-0, -1

Comments: Did not see much ice time in the Edmonton game with the team trailing, but did manage to stay out of the penalty box for the most part.

2gp, 0-0-0, Even

Comments: Has looked solid in limited minutes. With Larsen's return, could he be sent back to Austin to get big minutes to continue his development?

Stephane ROBIDAS
2gp, 0-0-0, -2

Comments: Dillon and Robidas continue to eat up big minutes, and he is a staple on the penalty kill.

Aaron ROME

Comments: Rome is still on the IR with a broken foot (out 3-6 weeks.)

2gp, 0-2-2, +2

Comments: His dish to Eric Cole for his first goal as a Dallas Star was very, very nice.

Derek ROY
2gp, 1-2-3, +2

Comments: If Roy is finally feeling 100% his offensive production should start coming in at a steady pace.

Reilly SMITH
2gp, 0-0-0, -1

Comments: Saw his minutes reduced a touch this week.

0gp, 0-0-0, Even

Comments: Whitney is still skating, and is expected to join the team on the road for their two games coming up but is not expected to play in either.